H1 B Visa Application Process

By Tiara

An important part of any immigrant visa process is the application, or “form” as it is often referred to. This document asks lots of questions about you, your family members, and how much money you have. It also includes an employment form, where you are asked to list all employers and positions for which you currently work.

The interview section comes next, where you will be meeting with a member of the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) team in person to discuss your reasons for applying for a visa and why you deserve a green card or citizenship. These can include talking about your long-term goals, whether you can financially support yourself once here, and what makes you passionate or excited about life in America.

If you need more time to prepare for this stage of the process, that’s totally fine! You should know that most people apply well ahead of their visa appointment to make sure they’re ready for whatever may happen. But even if you’re rushing, don’t worry! We've got some tips for you below.

Prepare your application

h1 b visa application process

Now that you have all of your documents in order, it is time to prepare your visa application! The next step in the process will be to start preparing your H1B visa document package.

Many employers require you to include an employment contract with their company when submitting your visa applications. This job offer must detail what position you will hold, who your supervisor will be, and how long you will work for them. It should also specify whether or not they will pay you while you are working here.

In addition to this, many companies require you to bring two pieces of identification. This can either be a passport or driver’s license, but both need to match the name on file at the other location. For example, if your employer has John Smith listed as being employed there, then you would need to have a photo ID under that name.

Lastly, some employers ask about any dependents that you may have. These could be children, spouses, or even pets. If you do have anyone of these things, make sure to note this information so that it does not get lost during translation.

Submit your application

Once you have completed all of your applications, it is time to actually submit them! You can do this either online or through an agency that helps with immigration paperwork.

Online options include both private agencies and public service websites like VISAUSA.com. Make sure to check out our article about how to apply for a visa via VISA USA to make sure that is the best option for you.

Agencies are usually paid per application, so they want to ensure that everything is perfect before submitting their client’s information. It is not recommended to do your own application unless you understand the process completely.

There are some things that cannot be done online, such as having personal interviews or completing forms off-line. If you opt to go this route, then you must create adequate backups in case something goes wrong.

Get a visa

h1 b visa application process

Once you are ready to apply for your H1B, you can begin the process. Most employers will have their in-house counsel handle such applications because they are very specific with all of the paperwork that is involved.

Your employer’s legal team will review your employment documents, proof of sufficient funds to bring back to your country, as well as verification that you will return to work after your stay here has ended.

Pay a visa fee

h1 b visa application process

After you have completed your application, you must pay an additional fees to process your visa. These fees are not related to applying for the visa itself but rather another document that is required to prove employment in the United States. This other document is called the I-9 form or Employment Eligibility Verification Form.

The USCIS has set up payment processors that can be used to pay this fee. The standard procedure is to use one of these vendors to pay for your visa processing.

There are some cases where it may be difficult to find a way to get paid work authorization documents online. For example, if you work as an independent contractor then there is no employer willing to complete the paperwork on your behalf.

In this case, you will need to take extra steps to gather proof of job availability and employment eligibility documentation.

Get your visa

h1 b visa application process

After you have completed all necessary forms, filed all documents, and paid all fees, your application will be reviewed by an immigration officer. This can take anywhere from weeks to months, even years!

It is very important that you are prepared for this stage as it could determine whether or not you get admitted into the United States. Many immigrants report being nervous before their interview, but once they got going everything was fine.

Make sure to check out our article about what to expect in your visa interview here. Also make sure to follow us on Facebook and stay up-to-date on business news with The Business Insider.

Time your visa application correctly

h1 b visa application process

The second major step in completing your I-129H form is to time your visa application process. This article will discuss when you need to start gathering documents, how long it takes for different agencies to review their files, and what can affect this timing.

Time is a critical factor in submitting your I-129 forms at the appropriate time. If you are too quick or slow with document collection, then your applicant may be able to avoid detection of fraud until later. Your applicant’s chances of being approved for a work visa also decrease if they do not have enough time to prepare.

It is important to understand that every officer handling your paperwork and answering questions during the interview process has already been trained to take their job very seriously. They will try to give you as much leeway as possible within reason, but there are only so many hours in a day.

By having a plan ahead of time, you can make sure everything goes according to schedule and doesn’t have to be done over again because of an unexpected delay.

Keep your application consistent

h1 b visa application process

Even if you have submitted all of your documents, lost them, or gave someone else yours, it is not too late! Re-starting an immigration process can be expensive, time consuming, and difficult.

It’s best to make sure everything is in order before starting the process again. Start by looking back at past applications to see how things were done and what needs to be updated or corrected.

You do not need to re-enter every field, but making sure that all relevant information has been entered and correct will help ensure that your request is processed quickly and correctly.

Remember, any missing pieces or errors may cost you more money, so check everything twice.

Apply for the visa

h1 b visa application process

Starting early is your best bet in ensuring that you don’t have to apply for your H-1B visa during one of the busy season times. You can start applying at any time, but it is recommended to do so two months before your exit date from the country.

It is important to remember that employers are not allowed to use an employee’s employment authorization as a way to work outside the law. Employers who violate this rule may face fines or even prosecution.

Be aware of the due dates for each step in the process and when they expire. If possible, be sure to check off all boxes online and track your application using reliable software.