H1 B Visa Application Process

By Tiara

An easy to miss, but crucial part of any visa application is the health section. This includes questions about current medical conditions, surgeries or hospitalizations, as well as information about all medications you are taking.

For most applicants, this takes up around one to two pages depending on how much detail they include. A few things that can hurt your chances of being approved for a H1B visa include leaving out important information in this area, or including false or insignificant details.

If your health has improved since applying for the visa, then likely no changes will be made unless something dramatic happens, so don’t worry too much about missing small gaps here. But it never hurts to have more than enough documentation!

On the other hand, if there have been significant changes due to illness, make sure to update these forms to reflect what is happening now. For example, if you are currently underweight because of an extended period without food, indicate this on the form.

Prepare your application

h1 b visa application process

Now that you have been invited to apply for an H-1B visa, you will need to make sure all of your documents are in order and organized before you begin applying.

It is very important to be prepared at every step of the process because there can be many steps where someone may ask for extra documentation or proof. You do not want to leave anything out!

Make sure to check your applications several times as you edit or add items, so you do not forget something necessary.

There is an online tool called ITA Software which makes it easy to organize and track your applications. This way you do not have to keep reordering and finding them yourself.

This article will discuss some key points about how to prepare for the H-1B visa application process.

Submit your application

h1 b visa application process

Once you have completed all of your applications, it is time to actually submit them! You can do this online through an agency or via fax directly from your home country.

All agencies that help people with immigration paperwork receive large amounts of income off of their services, so make sure to look into potential fees ahead of time before paying anywhere else for assistance.

Some things to consider are whether they will be able to give you personal service, how long it will take for results, and if there is any guarantee on the work done.

We recommend using The Immigration Help Agency as they offer free initial consultations and follow up calls to check on progress and answer questions.

They also only charge half of their normal rate two weeks after being paid which is very expensive if you get stuck at a later date.

Pay the application fee

h1 b visa application process

After you have gathered all of your documents, proof of identity and employment, and if necessary, payment of an application fee, it’s time to apply! The process for applying for an H-1B visa can vary slightly from one country to another, but in general, you will need to prove three things to confirm your status as a working professional.

First, you must show that you have sufficient money to support yourself and your family while you are outside of the United States. This includes proving income both during the period you intend to work under the H-1B visa and also evidence of adequate savings. It is very common to be asked about job offers or second jobs, so make sure to bring those with you!

Next, you should be able to produce two pieces of paper confirming your membership in a profession that requires at least a bachelor’s degree and typically a master’s degree. Documentation such as an official diploma, a certificate, or even testimonials may be required to verify this. If possible, it is best to pre-purchase these before coming to America, as buying them here could cost quite some money. Buying them online is usually much cheaper, however, you will still want to check out each site carefully to see whether there are any fees involved.

The last piece of documentation needed is proof of English proficiency.

Get your visa

h1 b visa application process

After you have completed your application, it is time to wait! The process of obtaining an H-1B visa can take several weeks, even months. It depends on many factors including how quickly your employer submits your documents, what kind of employee you are, and whether there are enough positions for you at their company.

Once you receive word that you have been granted or denied entry into the United States, we here at Immigration Help recommend that you give us some time before you go about celebrating. When you apply for immigration benefits, there is always a waiting period where you must remain active in all aspects of your life until you find out if your request has been approved or not.

It’s important to remember that while things may be moving slowly, everything will work out in the end! We hope this article helped you understand the H1B visa process and given you some tips on how to begin applying.

Apply for a visa if you wish to stay longer than the initial visa

h1 b visa application process

Most people apply for an H-1B visa while they are still in their country of residence, or at least within one month of being placed into employment.
But there is nothing wrong with applying for an extension! It does not hurt anything unless you have no plans to return to your home country.

In fact, it is very common for employers to offer limited term visas and then extend them. This is because employees usually spend most of their time outside of work traveling back home or spending time with family. If a worker has to be away for an extended period of time, they may want to consider working abroad.

It can also help your career as a professional. You will get more experience applying for nonimmigrant status (for example, an F2A visa instead of an H1B) and knowing other immigration laws.

Know your visa requirements

The second part of the H1B visa application process is to prove that you have enough money to support yourself and your family while you are in the United States. This proof comes in the form of either an employment letter or proof of adequate savings.

If you do not have this evidence, then it is very likely that USCIS will deny your petition and require you to return home! They may even revoke your entry into the US if you cannot show you have enough money to stay here.

It is important for employers to be aware of this as they can be held responsible if their employee does not have appropriate documentation proving they can pay them. Check out our article about how to write an effective employment contract for more tips on what to include.

Contact the embassy or consulate

h1 b visa application process

Starting around March, you will begin to receive instructions about how to start your application process for an H-1B visa. While some of this can be done online, many things require you to visit their offices in person. This is not expected to happen until May at the earliest!

It’s very important that you do not wait before going into detail with your applications because there is a limited amount of time given during which it may be rejected or denied.

Some documents must be gathered within a specific timeframe as well, so being proactive with them will help ensure that you don’t have to start over. It also helps if you are early in the process since you can gather these items earlier than later.

Stay informed of updates to the application process

h1 b visa application process

Even though it may feel like there is never a break in the H1B visa applications process, you can always take some time off. You do not have to apply for an extension right away unless you get notified that your current approval expires or if you run into major delays.

It is very common for employers to ask for an additional one to two weeks after submitting their documents before receiving confirmation from USCIS. This way you will have enough time to prepare for your next step!

If you receive word back that your petition was denied, make sure to check out our article about what you can expect during the appeal process.