Famous Youtubers

By Tiara

YouTube has always been a popular platform, but it’s really took off in recent years. With every person I meet these days having their own channel with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers, it’s become impossible to ignore its presence.

Many people gain fame through their channels, developing relationships with other content creators along the way. Others achieve popularity by being funny, informative, outrageous- you name it!

While most YouTubers focus exclusively on making entertaining videos, there are some that go beyond this. They may do product reviews, discuss politics, promote a cause, etc. And although they might not earn as much money from advertising as others, they have huge followings which help them finance their lifestyle.

In this article, I will talk about five famous YouTuBeleivers who did more than just entertain their audience. Some made an impact outside of YouTube, too.

We’ll also look at how many subscribers each of their main accounts boasts today, what type of content they produce, and what is g oing on for them currently.

So let’s get started!

#5 Justin Finch – The Frugal Student

This student and blogger didn’t start out filming educational tutorials, however. He first gained attention for his fun, humorous college education tips. His style is very casual, though he does include occasional references to lessons.

Felix Kjellberg and Matt Hatter

As mentioned earlier, famous YouTuber personalities are those that have large followings on YouTube. They create content for their channel by filming or editing videos or doing both. These two popular hosts are very different from each other in what they film, but they share one thing: Minecraft!

Felix Kjellberg is the creator of The Angry Video Game Nerd while Matt Hatter is his sidekick. Both men play the game together and talk about it frequently.

The duo first met at a convention where fans gathered to watch The Angier (the main villain of the AVGN series) movie. After watching it, they decided to make a video reviewing it themselves. This led to them creating their own review series called Reviewing The Most Wanted Games! Since then, they have had many opportunities to showcase various games in this series including Mario Odyssey, God Of War, Fallout 76, and more!

Their entertaining style has made them successful influencers who earn money through sponsorships and advertisements. Many brands want to work with these people because they know their audience well and will promote their product or service.

These advertisers pay to be featured alongside their followers’ posts which makes the sponsored content look more authentic. Some of the most well-known companies include Amazon, Best Buy, and Target.

Shane Dawson

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With his channel starting back in May of 2015, YouTube creator Shane Dawson has built an empire off of creating content that is both humorous and emotional. He typically films himself interacting with his audience or other people he meets while out around the area he lives in.

Shane posts videos almost daily, most of which are either comedy sketches or storytelling vlogs. His stories are very intimate – sometimes even including his own experiences!

He usually will also make fun of popular media such as movies and books. But his favorite targets are always for individuals or groups of people who he feels have over-exaggerated or distorted how things should be lived and done.

His style of humor is dry wit and satire, making him seem more like a smart person than someone who just makes jokes all the time. However, it’s not too difficult to tell when he gets angry or invested in something particularly hard.

Outside of his main channel, Shane puts up several other accounts suchas The Slow Down PodcastandThe ReAction Channelwherehe hosts various types of discussions. These can range from politics to entertainment to everyday life lessons.

By having different styles and formats of video, Shane keeps his followers engaged and coming back for more.

Jake Paul

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As mentioned earlier, one of the main people behind The YouTube Channel is Jake Paul. He started making videos back in August 2010 when he was only 15 years old!

He began filming his first video as “SuperNerd” which featured him playing Super Smash Bros for an extended amount of time. Since then, his channel has received over 350 million views and he has built up quite a reputation online.

Some may know him for being funny or entertaining but many know him for something completely different – producing, editing, writing and starring in their own films.

He has made several movies including The Meanest Girl In The World, Teamsonly, The Loose Tightness Film, Living In A Box And Many more. All are very successful with lots of fans and praise.

Celeste Nacional

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As seen in her own channel, celestenatural’s beauty brand is a staple for many people. Her natural look has inspired many to try out more natural hairstyles or even go completely natural with their hair.

Named after herself, Celestë Natural is an artist that creates looks using various shades of brown and gray colors along with some white and red mixed into her designs. She also uses several products such as coconut oil and pomegranate juice to experiment with different textures and effects.

Her beauty collection includes shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray all under her label. Many people have mentioned how good she is at marketing her product while still keeping it natural!

Youtube: celestenatural

Website: www.celestenatural.com

Artists like Celestë show what beautiful, natural looking hairdos can be done professionally. By watching her videos and seeing her use quality products, you will know how to do your best natural look.

And don’t forget to check out her YouTube channel! You won’t find much makeup there, but instead, fun, entertaining reviews and lessons about natural hairstyling.

Hank and John

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Hank and John are two of the most famous YouTubers in the world. With over 15 million subscribers between them, they have become known for making entertaining, humorous videos that focus on food.

Their channel features them as their audience does things such as trying different types of cheese or making all sorts of recipes using chocolate and cream.

These ingredients seem to go well together because their channel received its first big boost from The Great Chocolate Chip Invasion! In which they made cookies with just chocolate chips and cream. Since then, it has been one slow drip of new recipes and reviews.

This duo has also done some very fun collaborations including doing a recipe challenge with another YouTube personality who makes pickle products and reviewing various types of sour gourds. They even did a collaboration with Netflix where they reviewed several of their movie and TV show favorites!

Hands down, their best content is probably the baking series since they enjoy creating new dishes and experimenting with new foods. Their fans love them for this reason and they always bring in lots of comments and likes when they upload these videos.

Philip Defranco

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Born in 1986, Phil is most known for his channel that he created back in 2009 – Starting Point. On this channel, he teaches beginner to intermediate web design. His style is very casual and fun, making it easy to watch him work.

He has over 2 million followers, which makes him one of the top youtubers with the highest view count. He also boasts quite an impressive portfolio, featuring many sites he designed while starting out as a designer.

His success comes not only from his teaching style but also his personality. He loves humor so there are always lots of laughs when he previews new software or talks about creative concepts.

Phil graduated with a degree in graphic design and now works as a freelance designer. He still keeps himself active by creating blogs and posting pictures and stories online.

Joey Salads

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One of the most famous YouTuber’s is Joey Saladbox! He makes his money by selling makeup online and through sponsored products. His beauty brand has over 2 million followers, which means he gets a pretty large audience to advertise for him.

He started making YouTube videos back in 2011, and now he has more than 1.8 million subscribers to his channel. Many of these fans watch his daily makeup reviews and buying tips.

His favorite product line is Too Faced and they have recently collaborated with some other brands as well. Some of his favorites include The Refill Line and Glitter Nails.

Joey also does lots of collaborations and giveaways every week or month! These are great ways to get exposure while promoting the company’t merchandise or service.

By doing this, he receives free publicity and people may purchase the item if it sounds good.

Hannah Rosenthal

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With her infectious smile and down-to-earth personality, it’s easy to see why people have grown to love watching Hannah play with toys and explore new things.

Her creativity never ceases to amaze, as she takes ordinary objects and covers them in elaborate decorations and patterns.

By exploring different materials and textures, you can learn a lot about yourself and life. That's what art is!

Her channel features all sorts of fun experiments, such as making slime, painting, and decorating various items. She also does some educational content, like experimenting with recipes and studying material structure.

She has over 1 million followers, which makes her one of the most popular YouTubers out there! Her popularity continues to grow due to her kind nature and passion for creating new experiences.

Hannah has collaborated with large companies, designed products herself, and even launched her own line of makeup. All this while continuing to spread joy through creative projects.

She will always put her heart into everything she creates, and that is what made her success. People who know her are constantly finding new ways to enjoy her videos, and that makes her happy.