Famous Songs

By Tiara

Many people have made significant contributions to our culture by creating songs and music is one of the greatest tools for communication that we have. A song can express how you feel, motivate you towards an action, or bring up memories. It can also make you happy!

Many famous songs were written about something very personal or intimate of the writer. They are their own kind of testament to the human condition. These types of songs connect with other people because they understand the inner workings of the writers’ mind.

With this article, I will be talking about some ways to learn how to sing like a professional singer – The voice under-production myth!

I will also talk about what it takes to become a successful singing artist in your career if you want to pursue it as a profession. This includes things such as learning how to read music, being persistent, and investing in your vocal training.

Heck, even though this article isn’t necessarily connected to becoming a singer, I would still recommend giving yourself more as a person by investing in your singing (and any other skill) that will help you communicate and relate to others.

Singing is a powerful tool that most people don’t use fully. Why not? Because they haven’t invested in their singing talent yet or they don’t know the basics of the instrument. Or maybe they just aren’t willing to put in the effort into developing their skills.

Top songs of the 90s

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Many people consider the 1990s to be an era of huge technological advances, with every genre of music jumping onto the bandwagon of diversity. Music during this time period was not just limited to one style- it had many different styles!

The early part of the decade saw heavy use of techno, house, drum'n bass, and trance as main genres. Then something new arose - grunge! Grunge is typically described as having very loud or distorted guitars, thickly layered vocals that emphasize repetition, and lyrics that are mostly about negative emotions.

Another key element of grunge is its overall tone – usually very dark and depressing. This effect is partly due to the often overly dramatic lyrics and sound, but also because of how downbeat the songs tend to be.

But what made these songs famous wasn’t only their sounds, it was their melodies! They were all quite similar in structure, never really changing from note to note, but always keeping you engaged. Some even have said that some of the songs sounded like they were written by robots!

Overall, most people agree that there are five important chords in almost every song that make up the main melody. These are known as the Chord Scale Degrees (CDF). The first chord, which is usually the root, is at the notes D, F, A, G and E.

Top songs of the 80s

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Many people consider the 1980s to be an era of constant reinvention, creativity, and bold new directions for music. A lot of this credit goes to artists who experimented with their sound and genre, establishing themselves as masters of their craft.

The decade was also filled with many catchy tunes that have gone on to become classics, including songs from some of the biggest bands in history!

So what are some of the top songs of the ‘80s? Here we look at our list of top songs of the year 1984. Check out these and other great songs like them from the eighties here on Listology.

Top songs of the 70s

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The seventies was an incredible decade for music! There were so many great songs being released that it is impossible to choose just one favorite per genre. Some may call this era the “Big Music” boom, but I think you get what I mean! This is why it is difficult to pick just one song from each category!

The 1970s saw some huge musical milestones. For example, in May 1972 Billboard announced their list of the top 50 singles of all time. Only five entries made it into the number one position:

Perfectly natural - The Bee Gees

I will never forget the first time I heard this song. My friend played it for me while we sat together at lunch during my second week as a freshman at university.
He sang along with it and I suddenly realized how beautiful the lyrics were and how powerful the bass line was.

It was then when I truly understood the term ‘pop anthem’.

Top songs of the 60s

The early 1960s was an exciting time for music, with many artists achieving mainstream success. Many musicians from this era are still admired today, with their catchy melodies and lyrics that stick in your head. These artists include names such as Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Beach Boys!

The early sixties also saw some unexpected musical triumphs. A few songs that were not very popular at first became famous later, like The Butterball Turkey Bake-Off Song or I’m Just Being Honest. Some even skyrocketed to fame after just one listening!

This article will talk about ten top songs of the decade, what made them become famous, and how you can learn something new from these tunes.

Top songs of the 50s

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The early years of the rock era were characterized by many different musical styles, as artists experimented with new sounds to see what worked best for them. Some musicians incorporated rhythm into their music in ways that have been imitated ever since, giving us terms such as funk, disco, and heavy metal! Others built upon existing styles or genres to create something new. This is how some of our most well-known pieces of music are made!

Many people consider the 1950s to be the golden age of pop music. A lot of it has to do with the fact that this was when popular music really took off. Artists like Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and Adele all rose to fame during the decade. Many other famous singers and bands attained success later in life, building on things they learned earlier.

There are several reasons why these songs became very popular. For one, many of them were written and recorded just before a technology known as radio frequency (RF) broadcast came along. Before RF, most radios could only transmit signals within a short distance of time due to limitations in power. Music could not be heard beyond that range.

Radio broadcasts allowed for longer listening times because there was no limit on signal strength. Thus, more people could listen to the song being played than ever before. It also gave listeners the opportunity to hear the song outside of where they lived, which helped the artist’t popularity grow.

Top songs of the 40s

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The song that most people know to recognize as celebrating the beginning of the end for big corporations is “This Is It” by Lionel Richie. The lyrics tell the story of someone who has lost their loved one, and how they are confident this experience will be his or her last because life without them would not make sense.

The verse begins, “This is it, your final moment so why don’t you try to enjoy yourself? This is it, your death bed so what have you got to lose?”

It then shifts into first person plural (singular form) which suggests there are others out there like him or her. These individuals continue to live their lives while he or she is gone.

This shows that even though these people may not know you, they still think about you and feel emotional attachment to you. You made an impression that stays with them, and they keep your memory alive. In fact, many people use your death as a reason to start living their own lives.

Top songs of the 30s

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The 1930s was an incredible time for music! Artists were creating some spectacular sounds that have withstood the test of time. Many consider this era to be the golden age of music, as artists such as Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Adele, and Taylor Swift are among many people who made their name during the decade.

Many musicians from the 1930s still enjoy a large amount of success today. Some even managed to climb back up the ladder after falling in recent years. Technology has allowed us to access a wealth of music quickly, so listeners can find new favorites easily.

In this article, you will learn about twenty top songs of the 1930s, including lyrics, chords, and how to play them. These tracks include popular hits such as “Ding Dong Ding A Love” by Charlie Byrd, “Goodbye My Little Girl” by Doris Day, and “Happy Birthday To You” by Lionel Richie.

Top songs of the 20s

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In the early years of the twentieth century, famous songs were not common. Only very popular artists had music that people knew well and still sang about daily life. As time went on, this changed drastically!

Music during this period was characterized by experimentation. Artists mixed new styles together to make new sounds that would stand the test of time. Some even invented whole genres like jazz or rock and roll!

Many consider the 1920s to be the era of flapper music. Due to the influence of jazz and other forms of experimental music, women could experiment with hairstyles and clothes they never thought possible before.

Other types of music, such as funk and disco, left their mark as well. During this time, there was also a rise in popularity of things called “pop culture.” This included everything from fashion to media to music. Many say this is what made today's society so influenced by the media.