Famous Pronunciation

By Tiara

The way we pronounce words changes with time, region, and person. With how people speak changing, so too do what sounds are famous and which ones disappear. This is why it’s important to be aware of how other people say things so that you can imitate or improve upon them.

There are several types of pronunciation errors that occur for word parts. When these happen consistently, it becomes familiar to us and makes sense. For example, when they hear someone else drop an article or use a wrong verb form, they will correct it because it doesn’t make sense.

When there is a sound error but it isn’t clear if it is due to mispronounced consonant-vowel (CV) pairs or vowels only, some experts refer to this as “slip of the tongue.” A lot of times, people who make such mistakes aren’t even noticed about it since no one really knows exactly what was said!

This is bad because everyone around you may not understand what you were trying to tell them or talk about. It can also hurt your image as well if people think you made a mistake and didn’t know what you were saying. Or maybe you thought something was funny and failed to get a laugh. Either way, embarrassing omissions are very possible.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent most common type 1 pronunciation errors.

Russell Crowe

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As a child, actor Russell Crowe was never considered very handsome or lovable. He grew up in Sydney, Australia as one of six children with an overbearing father who made it hard for him to relate to others his age.
As he got older, however, he would develop a different persona that would win people’s hearts.

His second screen role was that of the cocky Australian rugby player Trent Collins in 1992 movie The Hard Way.

He played the part with such ferocity that many people assumed his character had done bad things before meeting Collins. Others found his portrayal so convincing that they believed Trent was actually gay.

After filming ended, some crew members remained close friends with Trent even though he didn’t know this at the time.

A few years later, when Trent came out as homosexual, their friendship only strengthened. It took awhile but eventually everyone realized how talented and gifted Russ is as an actor!

Crowe has gone on to have a successful career portraying strong characters with rich inner lives. Many consider him to be among Hollywood’s top leading men.

These include roles like Daniel Plainview in 2005 film adaptation of A Tale Of Two Cities, Captain Jack Harkness in 2009 television series Doctor Who, and Victor Ziegler in 2013 thriller Gone Girl.

Leonardo da Vinci

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The most famous pronunciation of Da Vinci’s name is not how people say it in Italy, France or Spain — though those are the countries where his work has the highest recognition and popularity. Rather, the American pronunciation of his last name is the most common today.

The “Americanized” version of his surname uses an “eh” sound at the end instead of the Italian word for “da” (the first syllable like the English word lake). This sounds funny because there is no consonant directly before the final -i!

This isn’t to say that this pronunciation is wrong, but rather that it is different than what many people call him even in his home country. It is probably influenced by the way Americans speak, with their broad use of the vernacular and tendency to mix up words.

There is some controversy over whether using the “ah” sound makes more sense linguistically, but almost all professional studies agree that the “eh” sound is too popular to be correct.

Abraham Lincoln

Many people associate President Abraham Lincoln with his well-known, sometimes-controversial use of slang and pronunciation habits. However to think that is only part of what makes him famous. He was also known for his mastery of the English language. When he spoke, he used the right number of vowels and consonants in the correct place at the right time.

He paid close attention to how different sounds fit together to make words and phrases sound good. The way we speak out loud shapes who we are as people and influences how others perceive us.

President Lincoln lived by this saying “Speak gently my child, our foe is not without ears” (Aristophanes, 411 BC). His middle name, Abram, which means “servant of God,” reflects his faith in Christianity.

Abraham wasn’t always called Barack Obama but instead went by Barry or even Bob.