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By Tiara

As we can see from his many accomplishments, he is very passionate about what he does! He has mastered his craft by practicing and developing his skills over several years in various fields of photography.

He is well known for using light as an integral part of his photographs, often experimenting with different styles and approaches to achieve his results. His use of color is also said to be unique and striking.

His ability to capture beautiful still lifes is unparalleled. Many people have noted that his love for nature comes through in his work, making his pictures feel authentic and honest.

When it came time to find his artistic style, he experimented and studied hard to develop it. At first, he was not sure if this approach would work but now it defines him as one of the most famous photographers in America.

Many believe his talent to lie more in his creativity as a photographer than in taking excellent photos which are heavily influenced by technical proficiency.

It seems like every photo he takes brings something new to light, whether it’s the setting or the composition.

Andreas Gursky

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Born in Switzerland in 1960, photographer Andreas Gursky is considered one of the most important contemporary artists. His work has been featured at major art institutions across the world including the V&A Museum in London and The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

He first garnered attention for his Moon Series pictures which feature close-up depictions of the moon with otherworldly effects applied to them. Many describe these as ethereal or magical.

These images also playfully juxtapose natural landscapes and stills from movies and television shows. Some even compare his use of color to that of a painter.

Since then, he has branched out into taking almost exclusively self-portraits and creating large scale cityscape photographs.

Many consider him to be among the greatest living street photographers. He consistently includes himself (the “I”) in his photos so it is difficult to tell if the image was taken alone or not.

His style often features layers and patterns that give his works an aesthetically pleasing look. These include patterned backgrounds, heavy photoshopping, and fuzzy edges. All combine together to form what many call his signature look.

Alfred Eisenstadt

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Born in Germany in 1858, Alfred Eisenstadt spent his early years studying art before deciding to pursue photography as a career. He is considered one of the most influential photographers of all time due to his use of light and composition in his pictures.

Alfred Eisenstadt’s first collection of photographs was made up mostly of landscapes. However, it wasn’t very long before he began experimenting with other types of photos.

By 1898, he had created what would become known as his “Immediate View” style of photograph. These are typically posed, close-up shots where you can clearly see the person or thing being photographed.

He continued taking Immediate Views until around 1904 when he shifted his focus away from people. After that, he focused almost exclusively on nature scenes. Many consider these nature studies to be some of his best work because of their perfectionist attention to detail.

His artistic talent didn’t go unnoticed though. In fact, he was highly regarded by both his peers and outside artists. His work was frequently displayed at international exhibitions and he received many awards and recognitions for it.

Sadly, Alfred Eisenstaedt passed away in 1940 but not before leaving an incredible legacy. Not only did he leave his craft to others, he also left behind several books and lectures about photographic technique.

Bruce Gilden

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Born in New York City, Bruce Gilden is considered one of the most influential photographers of our time. He has worked with some of the biggest brands in America, including Coca-Cola, Chipotle, FedEx, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Nestle, P&G, The United States Marine Corps and many more!

His work has been featured in over 200 magazines and newspapers worldwide, including Vogue, Time Magazine, Fortune, Business Insider, Daily Mail and The Huffington Post.

He has also published nine books which have gone on to become bestsellers. Most recently he released his first book ‘The Inner Artist’, which features never before seen photographs and personal stories from artists around the world.

What makes him special as a photographer?

He is known for using light and shadows cleverly to create pictures that appeal to the viewer. This effect is very popular these days because people enjoy looking at beautifully lit photos.

Another thing about Bruce is that he loves teaching other people how to take good pictures. Many of his students go on to be successful professional photogs themselves!

How did he manage to achieve such success? By keeping learning new skills a constant process, but also by investing in expensive gear to help him capture beautiful images.

Here are his top tips for aspiring photography novices who want to learn more.

Annie Leibovitz

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Born in California, as she puts it herself, Annie was always interested in looking at pictures. As a child, her favorite artists included Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Andy Warhol. She would spend hours studying their work and creating her own pieces.

It wasn’t until she was older that she realized her love for art had led to another career. At age 17, she enrolled in Art School where she majored in photography.

Her artistic talent didn’t go unnoticed though. While attending an exhibition of photographer Arnold Newman’s work, someone asked if he took his own photos. He said yes, but added something about him not really liking them.

He invited her back later so she could take more professional photographs of him. Since then, she has focused almost entirely on taking pictures of other people. However, she still loves capturing unique shots here and there!

Since developing her skills, she has photographed many well-known clients such as Disney, Vogue, Time Magazine, The New York Times, and Martha Stewart just to name a few. Her impressive list of achievements is even longer when you include collaborations with other famous photographers.

She has also designed several products including jewelry, torsos, and covers for magazines. Not only are these aesthetically pleasing, but they help promote the product as well.

Annie is known for using natural light and non-reflective backgrounds when photographing her subjects.

Edward Steichen

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One of the most well-known photographer names in history is that of Edward F. (Ed) Steichen. He was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1879 as Eduard Theodor Feuerstein. His father was a German immigrant with ties to the jewelry business and his mother was an Irish Catholic.

At just 16 years old he took up photography as a hobby and soon became very proficient at it. While studying art at the University of Washington, he made his first attempts at capturing images using platinum process film which later gave way to black and white Agfa Photo Velvia.

In 1905 he dropped out of school to pursue a career in photography full time. It wouldn’t be long before people started recognizing his talent though. A few months after leaving college he submitted some photographs for publication in both Amateur Photography magazine and Pictorial Review Magazine where they were published under the pseudonym “Edward Steichen.”

Since then he has gone on to amass quite a reputation and have many notable achievements under his belt including winning the World Photographic Award three times, taking home prize money totaling over $10,000 USD. He also received the Life Achievement Medal from the Professional Association of Picture Editors back in 1962.

His work can mostly be categorized into two main styles: nudes and portraits. Although he did capture some landscapes here and there as well. When asked about this he would usually refer to them as studies or observations.

Martin Parr

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As we mentioned, Martin is an acclaimed photographer with incredible talent. He has done work for some of the biggest brands in this industry including Vogue Magazine, Coca Cola, and The Guardian. His style is very neutral and he loves to use light and shadows as his main source of inspiration.

He is also well known for using silhouettes and patterns in his pictures. This was most notably seen in his series called “The Faces of London” where he photographed famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge while keeping the people mostly out of view.

By doing so, you get a beautiful silhouette that shows off the strength and shape of the structure being depicted. These are great ways to learn about shooting photography!

His website boasts that over 70 percent of his sales come from online sources making it quite successful. This proves how popular he is and how much attention his photos receive. It also means that if you are looking to start your career in this field then you can create your own unique brand and focus more on marketing yourself than trying to market others.

Summary: Martin is one of the top professional photographers in the business and his artistic talent cannot be denied. If you want to try out your hand at capturing beauty in natural settings then look up some of his work.

If you are already a fan of his then do not hesitate to spend money on his products or donate to help him continue bringing high quality content to the internet.

William Eggleston

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Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1932, Eggleston grew up with art. His father was an architect and his mother was active in civic organizations so there were always new projects to be involved in. He would spend many hours drawing and painting as a child and began taking pictures at the age of twelve.

He went on to study graphic design but gave it up after a few years to focus completely on photography. It is said that he never truly loved any one style or genre of photo, instead developing his own unique approach to each photograph.

His first exhibition took place when he was nineteen where he showcased twenty-four black and white photos. Since then he has gone on to amass over fifty award winning photographs including several from National Awards for Photography.

His work is known for being very artistic and poetic and uses light and shadows cleverly. Many consider him to be one of the greatest street photographers ever!

His style often includes urban landscapes and still lifes which he cultivates into interesting photographic narratives. A lot of his famous works are eerily familiar scenes made more haunting by the use of heavy shadow and dark tones.

Overall, his work is considered to be extremely influential in not only photography, but also visual arts. Because of this, he has been commissioned to do work for companies such as Apple and Nike and his work can be seen in major museums worldwide.

Andreas Tzortzinis

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When it comes to capturing natural, candid photos of your favorite celebrities, there are two main types of photographers. One is still-life or “posed” photography, where the photographer directs the celebrity into an environment with props and settings that look authentic.

The other type is called documentary photography. With this style of shooting, the camera is left alone to capture naturally occurring moments of the subject.

Most people know famous photographers like Ellen Hildenblad, who photographed several generations of The Kardashians, but less well known is artist and photographer Andreas Tzortzinis. He has created some beautiful work behind-the-scenes portraits and lifestyle pictures of many A-list individuals!

In this article, you will learn about his artistic approach to taking professional headshot photographs and some of his secrets for success as a portrait photographer.