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By Tiara

People are always talking about how much of a social media influencer Taylor Swift is, but most have no clue what that means. She has mastered using her personal brand to gain attention and influence others through the media she uses. What we as consumers pay close attention to and admire about someone’s style or lifestyle can be applied to our own lives.

Many people use social media to show off the things they have and all sorts of pictures and videos of them living their life. It was not until recent years though that it became popular to share more intimate details of your daily life with the world.

This is why there are so many blogs and websites popping up every day! Most of these sites offer you a way to make money from blogging by paying you for creating content and sharing it with the rest of the world. Some may even give you paid experiences or rewards to motivate you to create more content.

People who have this sort of online presence are referred to as “influencers.” They influence other people to spend money in ways that feel natural and authentic. The term also implies that they are aware of the effects their actions will have on themselves and others.

There are several famous individuals out there who developed and perfected their personal branding over time. These people drew connections between different aspects of their lives and career and incorporated them into their image and reputation.

Albert Einstein

According to some sources, Albert Einstein is considered one of the most influential people in history. He was an exceptional scientist who changed how we perceive perception of reality as well as ourselves.

Einstein is known for his theory of relativity, which explains why things seem to slow down when approaching the speed of light and why space and time are connected. His work also includes theories about energy, matter, and consciousness.

He lived a relatively modest lifestyle his entire life aside from his college education and research that helped him earn his renown. However, he did very well with what he had so he never felt like he lacked material wealth or success.

His passion for science led to collaborations and friendships with other scientists around the world. Many have mentioned these relationships as being integral in helping him achieve his goals and feel happy and confident in himself.

It is said that he would spend hours brainstorming ideas only to be interrupted by laughter due to a particularly clever thought he just came up with. This happened frequently and it gave him much needed relaxation.

He always put tremendous effort into his work and took pride in its quality. When others were talking about giving up because they could not understand something, he would reword the concept or do another experiment to see if that made more sense.

He was described as having incredible self-confidence and trust in himself and those close to him.

Michael Jackson

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As we all know, Michael Jackson was one of the most famous people in this world! He had an incredible career that included seven Grammy Awards, ten Billboard Music Award nominations, and eleven number-one songs.

He is also known for his dance moves such as The Moonwalk, The Motown Slide, André Dance, and More. All of these have become recognizable trademarks for him and his music.

However, what many do not realize about Michael Jackson is that he did not start out being very popular. In fact, it took years before he reached stardom and even more years to keep himself there.

It seems like every person has heard at least one or two of his songs and knows who some of his artists are, but none of them are really familiar with him as a person.

He was often criticized for changing his looks and personality too much which hurt his image. People will always remember him for how he looked rather than who he actually was as a person.

His private life was never fully trusted nor understood by those around him so it is hard to believe anything he says completely.

Donald Trump

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Over the past year, President Trump has made many headlines for his controversial statements and actions. However, there are some stories that get left out of the media frenzy. Many people forget about all those stories where he displayed incredible humility or showcased how much he cares for others.

It is very important to note these instances because they show us who Trump really is. They also prove that even though he may seem like he doesn’t care about you, he does.

His constant criticism of other politicians and leaders can sometimes be misunderstood as being arrogant. But aside from his personal attacks, he actually tries to help them by giving constructive advice and telling them what he thinks needs to be done to fix their problems.

He will never take credit for someone else's success but at the same time he will not deny responsibility when things go wrong either. He seems more concerned with convincing people that he is right than proving that he is smarter than everyone else.

This could make him appear self-centered but it is simply his way of operating. He wants to win so badly that he will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. This includes putting in the effort to understand why someone else might feel the way they do.

His perfectionism can hurt relationships but this is only because he expects too much from people. He believes that if he works hard then people should as well.

Steve Jobs

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When you look at the career of business guru, entrepreneur, inventor and filmmaker Steve Jobs, his defining qualities are not what you would expect to see. He did not enjoy being rich, he was never considered wealthy, and he spent much of his life trying to help others achieve their dreams even beyond death.

He lived by three fundamental principles that helped him become one of the most well-known people in the world: Believe in what you know is right; keep seeking out new experiences and knowledge; and always strive to be your best self.

He once said, “Become obsessed with excellence”, which sounds very difficult until you realize how easy it is to do so. You will probably learn from your mistakes, but don’t get too attached to those - let them fuel you to do better next time.

His personal style changed many times throughout his professional life, but his ever-present sense of elegance made him famous for keeping up appearances. Even when he was wearing sweats or tattered clothes, there was still an aura of glamour surrounding him.

Mother Teresa

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Many people know of Mother Theresa due to her work in helping the poor, but what many don’t realize is that she didn’t spend all of her time working with disadvantaged individuals. In fact, she spent most of her life trying to get rid of poverty completely by creating self-sufficient communities or “home churches.”

In 1970, it was announced that Mother Teresa would receive the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts to help others. However, some controversy surrounded the award as critics pointed out that instead of helping the less fortunate, she helped only the wealthy.

She once said, however, that we should not worry about our own rich possessions, but rather our own inner wealth. This statement makes sense because if you have enough money to eat every day and live in a beautiful home, then you are already giving off a feeling of prosperity.

It is also important to note that although she worked hard to improve the lives of others, she did very little to promote peace. On the contrary, she often made controversial statements which alienated those around her.

Ludwig van Beethoven

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Born in Bonn, Germany, in 1770, Beethoven was one of music’s most famous composers. He is considered to be among the greatest musicians who have ever lived, even being referred to as “The Prince of Music.”

He wrote over 250 pieces including five string quartets, nine symphonies, six piano concertos, and more than 30 songs. He also made significant contributions outside of music such as his sketches for The Tempest and A Journey To Italy.

Beethoven died at just 56 years old but left an incredible legacy that has influenced many other artists. Many musicians today are heavily inspired by his work, particularly his use of harmony, rhythm, and timing. His compositions also show how powerful music can be; some say he possessed a power of sound beyond what human hands could contain.

Britney Spears

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With her career going nowhere, singer Britney Spears decided to make some changes. She stopped pursuing music as a main source of income and instead focused on exploring other opportunities. In July 2007, she made her television debut in a pilot for a new show called The X Factor.

The show follows eight aspiring performers who must work together to win the competition. Each member is assigned their own team of advisors that help them prepare for the next round.

Her advisor was someone known for being outspoken and candid- Dr. Phil! He helped her explore different paths towards success such as giving up drinking and smoking, finding healthier ways to eat and manage stress, and improving her communication skills.

After winning his support, she landed a record contract with Simon Cowell’s label Syco Records and The X Factor became one of Fox Broadcasting Company‘s highest rated shows. Since then, she has continued to develop her talent and launch several successful projects including fashion lines and fragrance products.

By choosing to focus on something else rather than singing, she found another way to succeed in entertainment. Having lost her initial popularity due to poor song choices and personal struggles, she used her experience to inspire others to achieve their dreams.

She set an example by proving that anyone can pursue their dream no matter what situation they are in at the time. Because of this, she created a legacy as one of the most famous people in the world.

Leonardo da Vinci

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Da Vinci was an Italian painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, mathematician, and musician who lived in Renaissance Italy. He is most well known for his artistic creations such as The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

Da Vinci had many talents that helped him to become famous. One of these was painting portraits. He painted several versions of Mary, Queen of Scots’s face. Some say this portrait is one of her best because it shows her true self-expression.

He also designed some of the world’s most recognizable logos. These include the Virgin Mary holding the Christ child and the Monogram which later became the logo for Coca Cola.

His talent with engineering allowed him to create inventions like helicopters and space vehicles. Many of his designs were never fully realized though due to money or lack thereof.

His music left an impact too! His works range from operas to song cycles to individual pieces. Many people are familiar with his work The Star Spangled Banner after he wrote it while serving as an army captain during the French and Indian War.

He was not only influential in art but also science so much that today we refer to himself and other artists and scientists of his time as being inspired by his style. — Sarah Elizabeth Woodard, Writer

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