Famous People Buried In Deadwood

By Tiara

The name ‘Dead’s Wood’ comes from an old English expression that described someone or something as being totally out of control, impossible to stop or dissuade. This is fitting for how some people can live their lives. They spend all day every day thinking about themselves and what they want, and then they go through life trying to impress other people so they will like them and give them what they desire.

It is very difficult to tell if this person is doing good things because they actually want to be these things or if they are just putting on a show. Either way it is not helpful to others.

In the case of the first example given above, this person may have spent most of their time developing strong self-confidence which makes them think they know everything. Or maybe they believe they are better than everyone else because they got a higher grade average in college. These types of individuals cannot help but put up lots of flashy displays and prove how intelligent and knowledgeable they are.

However, when there are situations where they do not have control over something, they become very angry or depressed. Because they feel in control everywhere else, they must make up for it by acting more controlled somewhere else. This takes a lot of energy to maintain, which leaves them with no energy for normal activities.

Al Capone

who famous is buried in deadwood

The legacy of crime lord Al Capone is both complicated and polarizing. Some consider him to be an iconic American leader who built his empire from the ground up, while others see him as ruthless and corrupt.

He was born Arthur Fonzarelli in New York City in 1883. His father abandoned the family when he was young, so he grew up with his mother and her new husband. He eventually took their last name, but kept his middle initial “F” for reasons that are still debated by experts.

In his early teens, he got into petty theft and assault before moving onto more lucrative crimes like gambling and prostitution. At just 21 years old, he opened a bar called the Colonial Inn which quickly became known for its illegal alcohol.

Two years later, he began organizing armed robberies at liquor stores and bars across Chicago. By the time he was 30, he owned almost every major business area within the city limits and had expanded into other states. He even started his own police force made up of loyal thieves that protected his businesses and estate.

But all wasn't golden forever for America's most famous gangster. In October 1922, members of his crew murdered George "Bugs" Moran outside his restaurant. Over the next few weeks, tensions rose between Bugs' brother-in-law Ralph Cermich and the Capones. On June 17th, 1929, Ralph shot and killed Al inside his home.

Wyatt Earp

who famous is buried in deadwood

The man who made famous the expression “the good guy goes down,” was very much not that these past few days. In fact, he almost never lost! He is one of only three people to be awarded both the Medal Of Honor as well as the Congressional Gold Medal for his service during the American Civil War.

He also left behind quite an impressive legacy as a lawman. His reputation continued to grow after the war when he helped found the Arizona Rangers before moving onto other positions such as sheriff and state legislator.

But none of those things matter if we don’t consider his legacy beyond the grave. What about his family? Did he leave any survivors? Sadly, no. But he did have a son named William Jr., who went by Billy.

Billy grew up with some interesting relatives including two cousins who would go on to become infamous figures themselves- Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. Both were highly influenced by their father and lived out many of his same habits and work ethics.

William Junior even married into the family himself, marrying Kate McAlpin, another child born to Harry McMaster and Martha Sturgis. They too had a son together who took over the last name of “Earp.

Doc Holiday

who famous is buried in deadwood

The first person we meet in the show is Dr. Samuel Holiday, or as he likes to be called, Doc Holiday. He’s an eccentric doctor who practices medicine using unconventional methods. His specialties? Extracting teeth for money and performing abortions (yes, really).

He makes his home in Deadwood with Al Swearengen, the town’s corrupt mayor-turned-gangster. While most people think of him as crazy, some believe he has secrets that could cost him his life.

Many consider him to be selfless because he gives away all his belongings and resources to help whoever needs it. But there are times when his true intentions come into question.

His past includes working at a hospital where he performed illegal procedures, so many people suspect he was never actually qualified to practice medicine.

Al Swearengen

who famous is buried in deadwood

Many people associate the show with its depiction of gold mining, but there’s one person who is much more than just that- he’s the series’ protagonist! The character most associated with deadness is Albert “Al” Swearengen, owner of the Gem Hotel and self-proclaimed mayor of South Dakota’s Black Hills.

He is probably best known for his tendency to say things like, “I’m too old to learn new tricks,” or “You can take your average man and drop him into any situation and get an answer, you know what I mean? But if you want my opinion, go look under a bridge.” He also loves whiskey and has been seen drinking cases full at a time.

While some see Al as a villain, others perceive him as a tragic figure who was trying hard to make up for lost years. His many enemies include the police (who often arrest him), members of his own family, and anyone who threatens the success of his business ventures.

His friends are few and far between, but those he does have always seem to benefit from his generosity. Since he never married nor had children, it is unknown whether he has left anything behind other than memories.

Steve Carell

who famous is buried in deadwood

While not as famous as some of his contemporaries, such as Zack Synder or Jeffrey Dean Morgan, actor Steve Carell is definitely worth mentioning. He has done many things since he first appeared in The Office back in 2005!

He won an Emmy for his work on another show called The Simpsons, which was nominated for several other awards including Best Animated Series.

He also starred in the movie Battlefield Earth, and played Dan Aykroyd’s son in Life As A Houseboat. Beyond that, he voiced Frozone in The Lego Movie and Dr Erskin Pannakin in Star Wars Rebels!

Steve Careenl is well-known for playing relatively small characters who become big heroes, such as Tim Whatley in The Office, Beverley Marshak in The Good Place, and Professor Xavier in X Men: Days Of Future Past and Apocalypse.

These people are not very powerful, but they do good to help others. In Death Of Superman, he plays Henry Cavill's character, Clark Kent who doesn't know he will one day be Batman.

Seth Bullock

who famous is buried in deadwood

As we saw earlier, Seth was one of the original investors to buy into South Dakota’s first gold mine. He later invested his money in several other mines before donating most of it to charity.

He also made headlines when he married rich socialite Fallon Ravenscroft after meeting her at an exclusive party where she worked as a cocktail server.

The two got engaged while filming season 5, but they never actually tied the knot due to timing issues. They lived together for several years though and have a son named Charlie who was born in 2017.

Seth is currently head trainer at The Goldbergs, a show that spoofs classic sitcoms such as It's Like Waiting For Godot... or so you think!

He has also appeared in TV movies like Death Of A Salesman and Made In America.

Angela Bennett

who famous is buried in deadwood

Born Angela Marie Bennett, she was born December 26th 1989 in Chicago, Illinois. She grew up in Orland Park, Illinois before moving to Chagrin Falls, Ohio when she was sixteen years old. After graduating high school, she moved back home so that she could attend college at nearby South Florida University.

Bennett worked as an administrative assistant for several different companies while attending SFU where she received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. While studying business, she completed two courses in marketing and one course each in finance and leadership.

After earning her undergraduate degree, she decided to pursue her master's degree at SFU but soon realized that it wasn't right for her. So instead of dropping out, she left campus and returned home. It took her almost a year to find employment though, which is why she didn't immediately start working on her master's degree.

In November 2013, just over a year after leaving SFU, Bennett accepted a position with RBC Dominion Securities Inc. As a senior account executive, her responsibilities include overseeing the financial services needs of individuals and small businesses within the company's Mid-Michigan region.

It is here where we get our first look at who famous is buried in the show Deadwood. In the season finale, we see that Al Swearengen eventually makes his way back to California. He returns there to live with George Hearst and his family, among others.

Christina Dominguez

who famous is buried in deadwood

As we begin to discuss who famous is buried in South Dakota’s Dead Town, one name always comes up among many. That person is singer-songwriter Christina Dominguez, or as she was known back then, Thea Gilmore.

Gilmore grew up in North Hollywood, California before moving down south for college where she studied music business. It wasn't until her freshman year at USC that she discovered her love of singing and songwriting. After graduation, she moved to Nashville to pursue her dreams full time!

Her hit songs include “Heaven (What A Feeling)” which peaked at number three on the Billboard Charts, "Something I'm Not" which spent five weeks atop the Billboard Dance Chart, and "Born To Love You More", all of which are featured on her self-produced EP titled What Makes you beautiful today?.

Dancing has been a part of her life since childhood when she would imitate dancing moves she saw on TV and YouTube. She now teaches dance classes and performs around the country. When she isn’t working, you can usually find her practicing yoga, reading, or doing something creative.

Christina lives outside of Nashville with her husband and two children.