Famous Painting

By Tiara

There are many things that make an artist famous, but one of the most important is creating engaging art. If your painting or sculpture looks like it was done quickly to satisfy a deadline, then nobody will admire it.

The artists who get recognized for their work are always asked about how they put so much effort into each piece. They may even be questioned about why their paintings and sculptures seem completely authentic and natural.

Some people believe that all professional artists start out doing simple sketches as practice, but this isn’t true at all!

Most aspiring artists begin by copying other works of art heavily. This is called “imitating.” As you can probably guess, it doesn't take too long before everyone gets tired of looking at someone else's style.

Van Gogh

how famous painting

There is one work of art that has become famous for its depiction of despair, tragedy, and madness. This painting is called The Starry Night. It was done by Vincent van Gogh in 1888. He painted it while he lived in an asylum in France where he would spend time doing more paintings or just relaxing and thinking about life.

The setting of this painting is what makes it special. We can tell there are stars in the sky because of how bright some of the colors look. At first glance, you might think the color palette consists only of shades of blue and yellow, but then you notice reds, oranges, and purples mixed together to make other beautiful shapes and patterns.

These additional colors show off the beauty of nature and the talent of the artist to use his/her skills to depict it. These types of artists are known as colorists.

Van Gogh

how famous painting

With his own internal struggle, Vincent van Gogh was one of the most famous artists in the world. He produced some of the greatest works ever made in various styles that reflected both his personal life as well as artistic expression.

Van Gogh painted many masterpieces throughout his short career but he is best known for his work The Starry Night. This painting depicts an array of stars above the setting night with bright streaks of light emanating from them and extending into the darkness below.

The way the artist portrayed nature in this piece inspired many other artists to use bold colors and patterns while depicting natural settings. His influence can be seen in paintings by Pablo Picasso and Henri de Champs.

However, none of these comparisons matter if you don’t have The Starry Night or even know what it is! That isn’t too hard to find though, there are plenty of resources online and at museums to learn about it.