Famous Names

By Tiara

When you were young, there was a popular cartoon character that everyone knew. He had large rounded ears, brown hair with white stripes in it, and he would always say his name very quickly! His voice kind of squeaked as well. This character is known everywhere around the world!

He has appeared in many different media formats including TV shows, movies, and video games. Many people know him simply as Bugs Bunny or The Looney Tunes Cartoon Character.

Bugs Bunny has made quite the legacy for himself since he first appeared in film back in 1951. He has won several awards throughout his career and he will keep doing so until we all forget how to use computers!

His personality and humor have influenced other famous characters such as Elmer Fudd from Duck Tales, Porky Pig from Sesame Street, and Gonzo from Breaking Bad among others.

Here at Penclick.com, we would like to talk about one particular incarnation of Bugs Bunny: Bugs Who Vary!. As the title suggests, this version of Bugs does not stay still!

He continually varies his appearance, demeanor, and tone which makes him interesting to watch. What is your favorite way to see Bugs? Let us know by commenting below!

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Johnny Depp

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Many people know the popular name famous actor Johnny Depp, but few understand his personal life off-screen. He has been linked to many beautiful women of all ages and stages, as well as having children with his wife of eight years Amber Heard.

He was also in a relationship with makeup artist Tasya Van Ree for five years before they split up earlier this year. They have two sons together.

Since then he has spent time with several other women including British actress and singer Charlotte gillingham, Australian model and businesswoman AlexandriaEmeghy, American television personality Lisa Haydon, and French film producer Christa Théret.

While some of these relationships were short lived, others seem more serious than first thought. For example, reports surfaced last month that Depp had filed for divorce from Heard after just over a year of marriage.

But he later withdrew the petition, saying it was only done because she wanted one and blaming bad luck and misunderstandings instead. Both parties deny any wrongdoing and the divorce is not expected to happen anytime soon. If it does though there are no set rules about who gets what, so make sure you do your research!

These rumors don’t seem to put much of a hold on his career however. Despite constant tabloid stories and controversies surrounding his private life, he still enjoys huge success both critically and commercially.

Marilyn Monroe

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People always talk about how famous Marilyn Monroe was, but they never explain why she is so well known. It’s not because of her acting talent or fashion sense; it's because she made herself into a major celebrity.

She started doing things like sticking magazines under doors to make them seem new, taking off her clothes for magazine photoshoots, and putting on fake mustaches and hair pieces. All of these helped set her apart from other celebrities at that time who didn't do such outside activities.

Her fame then took over as people watched her do those things and noticed how much attention she got from it. Her popularity continued to grow even after her death due to all the stories and pictures of her online.

It is very likely that some of your favorite TV shows and movies were influenced by her presence. For example, characters often refer to her as being beautiful, which may have inspired you to try on some of her looks. Or maybe her most famous line — "I want to be loved for myself alone" — gave you the inspiration to start living more independently.

In fact, many people learn self-care skills from watching her movie The Way To Love in Which she teaches others how to take good care of themselves. She also taught us what kind of hairstyles look best on our faces and what colors bring out our natural beauty.

Steve Jobs

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With no formal education beyond high school, you’ll have to work hard to prove yourself in this field. But with an endless supply of passion and drive, talent will always be recognized.

People often talk about how much they admire someone's personality or leadership skills, but few know what it takes to develop these qualities.

That is why there are so many theories about what makes a great leader, from John Wooden's book The Pyramid Principle to Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Book. These books contain lessons that can help you as a leader, not just personally, but organizationally.

But unfortunately, most people never learn how to lead because they never get trained as leaders.

Michael Jordan

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Even though he retired over a decade ago, his name still elicits strong reactions in our society. He is one of the most famous people ever!

Jordan’s popularity comes not only from his success as an athlete, but also as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and role model. He was very popular before he even played a game of basketball!

He started playing organized sports at a young age and quickly rose through the ranks to be named All-American and Junior College Player of The Year.

After graduating high school, he did not play college football or basketball because he could not afford it. But he kept training hard and eventually landed a spot as a forward for the University of North Carolina Tarheels men’s basketball team.

Once again, he had to work for everything he got and never took things for granted. He always wanted more and worked harder than anyone else to achieve his goal.

That is how he became one of the best players in NBA history. His talent was undeniable and he made lots of money doing what he loved – playing basketball.

But beyond the court, he invested in many other areas of the business world. This article will talk about some of his smart business moves that helped him become wealthy.

Vladimir Putin

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The word famous is definitely not in the dictionary, but people have spent lots of time talking about it and defining it. There are many ways to define what makes someone or something famous, but most focus on three things: media coverage, large audience size, and influence.

With his position as President of Russia and leader of the largest country in the world, Russian president Vladimir Putin has top the first two categories for some years now. He’s been featured on international news channels and published articles and reports about him almost every day since he took office back in 2000.

And while his popularity polls have fluctuated recently, he’s still very well-known internationally and even among those who disagree with his policies. He also holds significant power within the Kremlin: he's made clear that he intends to remain at the helm until he can't.

Angelina Jolie

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Many people know this famous name, but few realize what an influential person she is. She has starred in more than twenty films including The Bride, Tomb Raider, Maleficent, Mr & Mrs Smith, and her most recent film Being John Malkovich. Her list of achievements continues to grow as she currently works on two major projects.

Jolie made her screen debut at the age of fourteen in A Girl Like You, a 1991 movie that won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Since then, she has solidified herself as one of Hollywood’s top leading ladies.

Her success comes from her talent as an actor and filmmaker, but also her ability to inspire others through her work. As powerful and beautiful human beings, we can all learn something from how she conducts herself.

She sets high standards for herself and expects the same out of everyone around her. This influence extends beyond her career though; she raises her children with strong values and teaches them well.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you agree with his/her actions then do so because you want those same positive qualities in your life.

Bill Gates

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In our digital era, people have become very attached to their personal computers. Companies that were once limited to offering expensive standalone software now offer computer services via online accounts or apps. These service providers pay famous individuals to promote their product by using their social media presence as advertising.

Microsoft is one such company that does this, and they’ve got some impressive sponsorships. They paid Elon Musk to advertise their products through his popular Twitter account. They also sponsored Robert Kraft, who at the time was facing felony charges for allegedly engaging in lewd acts involving an under-age sex worker.

Kraft has since been found not guilty of all crimes, but he still faces up to 20 years in prison for soliciting prostitution. This could potentially cost him Microsoft as an endorsement.

So what did Microsoft get out of this sponsorship? Social proof, of course! People trust well-known brands more than unknown ones, so marketing companies use them to endorse their products.

Barack Obama

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Many people know who President Obama is, but few can tell you how he got there. He grew up in Indonesia as Bismarck A. Hussein, then later took his family name from his father’s middle name and added an “A” to make it sound more American.

He was born in Hawaii in 1961, making him age 44 as of this writing. Before he became president, he held several positions at various levels within the government, including senator, state legislator, and mayor.

He graduated high school in 1980, then attended Harvard University for two years before dropping out to pursue a career in politics.

President Obama began his political career in Illinois, where he worked as a community organizer. This involved working with marginalized groups to gain their trust so that they would vote for Democratic candidates.

After winning election as Senator in 2004, he quickly ascended through the ranks by earning attention for his oratory skills and knowledge about policy. He also built up his network of influential contacts.

Many politicians don’t get along well with one another, but Obama has been described as the most friendly person in Washington. That’s why many powerful individuals are willing to help him accomplish his goals.

He knows which buttons to press to get what he wants, however. When he needed funding for his campaign for Senate, for example, he promised voters benefits if they voted for him.