Famous Makeup Artist

By Tiara

As we all know, makeup is a form of art. Different people use it for different reasons; some to enhance their self-image, some to express themselves, some to cover up certain parts of their body they do not like, and many more!

But one thing everyone uses makeup for is to look beautiful or show off how pretty they are, which makes sense since beauty is something that glows on you alone.

Many people have made a career out of applying, designing, and creating looks for others to admire and be inspired by. These artists mix natural products with organic colors and textures to create new designs that work best on various types of faces and skin tones.

Some make big brands such as TV commercials, runway shows, or movie sets, while other professionals develop their own collection of products and styles they are known for.

A few even launch their own lines designed just for them! It is so interesting to see how artistic individuals apply cosmetics to achieve looking pictures.

There are several famous makeup artists who have solidified themselves as creative geniuses in this field. Many of these artist’s success comes from producing inspiring looks and having large followings on social media sites, but also due to their unique style and talent.

Bob Mackie

As we know, makeup is a form of art. Technically speaking, it is not considered make-up unless it was designed to be seen or done for fun. Some people take their job very seriously and devote themselves to the craft with passion and devotion, but they are still creating looks for fun.

Bob Mackie took his career much more seriously. He trained as an artist before moving onto doing cosmetic work. He now has his own line called The Collection which includes foundations, concealers, bronzer, blush, eye shadows, and luscious lip colors!

Mackie is well known for using nature as his source material. This is clearly reflected in many of his products such as his Anodyne Natural Foundation which is made of only three ingredients: cocoa powder, talc, and kaolin (a type of clay).

He also uses other natural materials such as mica in some of his products. Mica helps give your face a healthy glow and help neutralize any red toned skin caused by sun exposure or inflammation.

Kevyn Aucoin

famous makeup artist

As a professional makeup artist, Kevin has done it all! He is best known for his use of high quality products and rich textures that give your look more depth and dimension. His artistic talent allows him to create stunning looks that are always in style.

He started his career at the age of sixteen, where he worked as an assistant for several artists. It was here that he learned how to mix shadows and bronzer, and perfect neutral toned foundations and blush.

He then took what he had learned and began producing his own looks. Since then, he has designed many fashion trends and styles, including some which have become classics such as the Urban Safari look and Overboard Ombre.

His most famous work includes doing runway shows for top designers, like Versace, Donna Karan, and Valentino. These opportunities allowed him to showcase his artistry and creative vision while working with some of the industry’s biggest names.

He also does feature filming and event coverage, creating a setting full of passion and creativity for him.

Mario BUjNY

famous makeup artist

As we grow older, life gets more complicated. With work and family being top priorities, it is hard to find time for things that matter most to you. If you are passionate about fashion or makeup, there is a way to achieve your goal of becoming famous as a professional make-user.

There are many ways to learn how to do makeup, but some are better than others depending on your goals. Some people may be focused on creating looks and styles that are very popular, while other individuals want to know the in’s and out’s of beauty products so they can pick which ones are worth investing in.

If you feel like you would rather teach yourself how to do makeup instead of paying professionals to help you, then this article will talk you through different routes that can get you where you want to go. These include doing YouTube videos, studying online tutorials, and working with professionally trained artists.

Pat McGrath

famous makeup artist

As a professional makeup artist, Pat has done it all! She has designed looks for runway shows, movie sets, television show’s like The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural, as well as advertising campaigns and more.

Her unique artistic style has allowed her to inspire many other artists to create new looks. Many designers have been inspired by her natural look she creates with skin and blush being a key component.

She is also very creative in experimenting with new products that work for your own personal beauty regime.

As seen above, one of her latest creations is painting yourself in black and white stripes as an easy way to refresh your look. What was once thought to be scary or gothic can now be considered cool!

Many people know Pat from her work as a fashionista but what most people don't realize is how much she does beyond just making us feel fabulous. You may have noticed another element of her career – she gives back through charitable efforts.

Mario Rossell

famous makeup artist

As we grow older, life gets more complicated. Jobs get in the way of us spending time with our loved ones as well as other commitments that require us to be somewhere at a certain time. With all these things, there is less and less free time.

If you are someone who loves to do makeup, then it can become hard to fit it into your schedule. Finding a way to stream or videotape a new skill or theory is great but what if you could learn one from the source?

Mario has run his own studio for the past twenty years where he teaches others how to do professional makeup. He also does bridal looks and fashion shows so his skills are truly diverse!

He is very friendly and down-to-earth which makes him a popular artist within the beauty community. Many people have learned make up art directly from him including some famous faces such as Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift!

His artistic talent comes naturally to him and he spent many hours practicing his craft before moving onto teaching others. He now offers online courses too via Udemy and Skillshare.

His students describe him as having a passion for makeup that he never stops showing off. They say he is always experimenting with new products and looking into different techniques to see how they work so that he can pass them along to others.

James Van Der Beek

famous makeup artist

As discussed earlier, YouTube is an excellent way to hone your makeup skills. While some people focus more on doing beauty looks or fashion videos, you can also learn how to do makeup from famous artists.

YouTube is full of artist and fashionistos who have their own makeup routines they use in various situations. Some are very natural looking, while others look much more artistic.

Many of these artists will show us their products so that we can compare them for ourselves or even purchase them! Their followers may also leave comments about the products used or questions about other products like concealers and foundations.

A few of these artists will even upload pictures taken with a camera where they apply their top coats and such. This gives us a good idea of how their skin matches up with theirs and whether they use bronzer or contour products.

I loved watching Daniel Melo’s YouTube channel as he would upload quick tips and tricks using different primers, concealers, foundations, and moisturizers.

Mario + Mario

famous makeup artist

As seen in many of his films, such as Super Mario Bros., The Wedding Singer, or The Angry Birds Movie, famous makeup artist Mario Ruiz has designed some incredible looks for movie scenes. His best work includes creating characters with very distinct personalities that he can morph and blend into each other.

He creates this effect by starting with a base layer of powder to help set everything else and then blending over it. Then, using either liquid gel or cream blush, he builds up heavier shadows around the face and levels off anywhere you like.

His favorite products to use are mostly ones that have high coverage but are still natural looking. He also loves applying fake eyelashes because they look more expensive!

Mario is well known for drawing inspiration from everyday life and incorporating those elements into his designs. This gives his creations an authentic feel that people can relate to.

Tom Ford

famous makeup artist

As we all know, famous makeup artists are very popular now due to their gorgeous looks they create for different celebrities. Some of these artist get lots of attention with every new look they do, while some remain under the radar but still make a big impression.

One such artist is Tom Ford, who has done many things in his career, including working as an assistant director on major films like The Matrix Reloaded and Batman Begins! He then moved onto doing beauty and fashion work before becoming a full-fledged professional makeup artist.

He has since designed cosmetic products and worked on feature articles for magazines and newspapers, creating more exposure for himself. However, his most well known job was probably designing the characters' costumes and applying fake eyelashes and facial features for movie scenes.

His best known character design job was probably that of Agent Smith from THE MACHINIST (1999) starring Brad Pitt.