F3 Visa Processing Time

By Tiara

Recent developments for international students have shown that it is virtually impossible to navigate the visa process without going through at least several weeks in America. With every new update, people are having more and more trouble navigating this system. This includes issues with finding appropriate help, as well as limited or even no availability of certain types of visas.

Many universities now require an additional non-refundable processing fee when applying for funding. Some of these fees go up to $1,500 per student! The organization holding the application must then be able to process the payment within two days, otherwise the applicant will need to start the process all over again.

This article will talk about some potential causes of long visa processing times and what you can do to avoid them. It will also discuss how to best handle your education while waiting for your visa to come through. If someone close to you is helping you apply, make sure they know very clearly what deadlines there are and who handles which steps.

There are many different departments involved in putting together an F-1 visa, so it is important to know who does what.

What is a F3 visa?

A Non-Immigrant (F1) Visitor for Business or Work in the United States is a F3 visa holder. The F3 classification allows for business visits of up to one year, with proof that you will be back in your home country within six months.

There are several ways to prove this to immigration officials. Many times, it’s simply showing an intention to return to your home country. You can also have house members who live there continue to live in the US while you’re here, or take advantage of the B2 tourist visa which doesn’t require time away from the family.

But what many people don’t know about the F3 class is how long it takes to process their visas. It can easily double the amount of time it takes to stay in the US!

We’ve gathered some information about just how much time it takes to process an F3 visa at Immigration Services USA.

How long will it take to process my F3 visa?

f3 visa processing time

The next step in processing your F-1 visa is to apply for employment authorization. This document, known as an ETA or Employment Authorization Document, confirms that you are employed by our country and gives you permission to work here!

In most cases, employers send this form directly to USCIS, so they can verify that job offer letter information is accurate before issuing the document.

Employers also have to confirm that you do not already have active working visas, which would make working here illegal. If this is the case, then they cannot issue you the document until your current visa has expired.

We know how important having proof of employment can be, so don’t worry about missing this deadline! Just remember our guidelines and call us if you have any questions. We’ll help you through the process every day.

What does the process look like?

f3 visa processing time

First, your visa application is sent to one of many US embassy or consulate offices around the world for review. This is what gives you the privilege to enter America as a tourist!

Next, the consular officer reviews both your online visa applications and any supporting documents you submitted such as letters, receipts, and so forth.

After that, they make contact with the company that issued the passport in order to verify their identity. If everything checks out, then the staff members will send the completed visa processing back to the originating department (in this case, the Department of State).

This can take anywhere from days to weeks, depending on how busy each office is at that time. Having an appointment may help reduce wait times, however we cannot guarantee that.

Do I need to rent a house?

f3 visa processing time

One of the biggest reasons people get blocked from coming into America is because they do not have a place to live while in the United States. This is not true for all countries, but it can be for our country!
As an American citizen, you are allowed to enter and stay in the US for 90 days without a visa if your home country will accept you as their own. You do not need to reside in a rental property during this time, however, it is advised to do so just to make things easier.

If someone needs help finding a residence, there are many ways to achieve that. Some people organize group stays or individual rentals with friends or family, both within the community and beyond.

Another way to find a room or apartment is by advertising online using sites like Airbnb. By having a listing, you can create space for other people to visit you and enjoy the area. People who list their rooms or apartments give information about the space, pictures, and services offered, making it easy to determine if it fits you.

There is no wrong way to find housing while traveling, these are just some ideas that work well for others.

Who will my sponsor be?

f3 visa processing time

As mentioned before, your sponsored visa employer must have someone in their office to oversee your employment. This person is typically referred to as an Employment Business Representative (EBR) or Work Visitor Coordinator (WVCo).

The EBR/ WVCo works closely with you and your sponsored company during the duration of this visa. They make sure everything goes smoothly for you and your new job, they handle payroll issues, and they help you settle into your workplace and community life.

This employee can take some time to find and train so don’t expect them to be around immediately!

Be aware that if your sponsorship ends, then these individuals are no longer needed so it’s very important to begin looking for work soon after completing the F-1 program. It's also helpful to know what kind of benefits your current employers offer, so you're not left high and dry when you look for employment.

General tips: Don't wait until the last minute to search for jobs, especially since you'll probably have less than two months to do so while on the F-1 visa. Start looking early and keep looking even if you don't get any responses, many times a vague "we've received your resume" means that they didn't end up offering payment health insurance through their group plan and you found out later that was a requirement for the position.

What is the cost?

f3 visa processing time

The final price of your visa depends mostly on two things: how long it takes to process your application, and what kind of visa you get. The first part is more related to US Immigration and Citizenship Services (USICS), whereas the second one comes down to your preference in countries for visiting.

The average total cost for an F-1 visa is around $350 – $600, which includes both preparation costs as well as visa fees. How much time it will take to process your application also makes a difference in expense.

It’s very hard to give exact estimates because applications are unique, but we can say that most applicants spend about eight hours completing their forms and documents. This means that if your application is filed at 9 AM and you are finished by 5 PM, then you have spent five full work days on your application!

This doesn’t account for any delays caused by bad connections or computer issues, of course. All of this adds up quickly when multiplied across thousands of applicants every year. In fact, there was a recent scandal where some employees were allegedly overburdened and forced to leave early due to excessive wait times. Obviously, this isn’t ideal for anyone involved!

We recommend being familiar with the process before applying so you know what to expect. Also, make sure to check the status of your application frequently to see whether it has been accepted, rejected, or is currently processing.

Is it safe to travel?

f3 visa processing time

The next step in visa processing is re-entry, which means returning back into the country after you have left. This can be done at any time during your stay outside of Canada, but again, there are restrictions about how long you can remain outside of the country before entering.

This process is called re-entry because you must enter Canada through an international airport or via land border (like the one near Vancouver). You cannot enter through a port of entry like the United States Border or Canadian Border.

The length of time for re-entry depends on what type of visit you have. A business trip or vacation usually takes less than seven days, whereas studying requires longer so make sure you know when your class ends!

If you do not exit Canada within the allowed time, you could face serious consequences including deportation.

What if I get denied?

f3 visa processing time

Even though there is no deadline to request an interview, it is best to do so as soon as possible. If you are notified that your application has been received but not processed within 45 days, you can reapply for visa sponsorship or choose to re-enter under another category of nonimmigrant status (for example, tourist).

It is important to remember that most people have limited language skills and cannot help with immigration paperwork.

If you need assistance completing any part of your immigrant process, find out who will be helping you and when they’ll start working on what parts of the process you’re in.