F2 Visa Interview

By Tiara

This week, you will be having an in-person interview for your F-1 visa. If you have already received notification of this meeting, you are already updated!

If you do not yet have such a notification, make sure to check your email, online accounts, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can also call or text us if you do not see any notifications!

This is typically the first time most people hear about their VISA interview so we will go over some important things that should be prepped. Make sure to read our article before the interview to better prepare yourself!

Reminder: The timing and location of your interview is out of your control so please be prepared for it accordingly. We recommend using Google Maps to find the best available options.

Dress the part

f2 visa interview

After arriving at your visa interview, you will be met by an officer that will ask some general questions about yourself and what kind of business you are conducting in the country. This is also a good time to discuss any changes to your life or employment since your last visit.

After getting all this information, they may invite you into a private room for your formal interview. Make sure you are well prepared!

You should have done your research online and printed out your documents to bring with you. Once again, do not forget to check your bag before entering the building.

Once you feel ready, put together something casual but professional and wait for your call.

Prepare your list of questions

f2 visa interview

After arriving at the embassy, you will be escorted to an interview room for your visa formalization. You will need to bring several items with you: passport, appointment letter or confirmation from work, picture identification (such as a driver’s license or passport), and the answers to all of the following questions.

Research the city before you go

f2 visa interview

Finding an appropriate location to meet with your visa sponsor is important as it sets the tone for the rest of your day. You do not want to pick a place that is too busy or has lots of people, this will create more stress for you.

You also do not want to choose somewhere that is close to home because then you may be uncomfortable traveling back later. Make sure the venue is easily accessible and there are reliable transportation options nearby.

At the very least, you should bring some form of documentation (proof of address, proof of employment) in case they ask why you need the visa. This way you can show them immediately instead of having to search through everything again at the airport!

And lastly, try to feel relaxed about the meeting. Try going to the same places several times so you know how things run. If anything feels off, don’t hesitate to leave! Your safety is much more important than anyone else’s convenience.

Bring your passport and a list of friends

After arriving at the visa processing centre, you will be given an appointment time for your interview.

You will need to prepare ahead of time by bringing your passport, as well as a copy of this article (for reading before the interview) and some notes and/or questions that are relevant to your application.

It is best to do this few days in advance so that you have enough time to look through and understand all the documents and information properly.

Once again, make sure your preparations are done early to avoid any last minute stress!

The timing of the interview will also depend on when you arrive at the consulate, whether it is during their normal working hours or outside of business hours.

Decide what time your visa interview will take place

f2 visa interview

After arriving at the embassy, you’ll be met by an officer in their office or conference room. They will ask some questions to determine if you are eligible for the non-immigrant (F1) visa and whether you should apply for the temporary entry permit (also called a TEP).

If you have received a confirmation email that your appointment has been scheduled, then make sure to show up on that date!

Sometimes it is difficult to confirm your appointment online as some embassies do not consistently update this information. It is best to check with our Customer Service team directly before showing up to ensure you know what time yours is!

We also recommend confirming your phone number and meeting location through both sites to avoid any last minute surprises.

Check the embassy website

f2 visa interview

Finding out if you have enough money to stay in Canada can be tricky, especially when you’re just visiting!

Most Canadian embassies have their own site where they detail visa information for both citizens and non-citizens. On these sites, there will usually be a tab or section dedicated to “Visas”. This is typically a list of all the types of visas that are available to foreign nationals.

There may also be forms to apply for a visa as well as instructions on how to do so. Some websites even let you create an account so you don't need to log into each one individually. This makes it easy to save your form choices and easily access them later.

General visa rules
If you find out that you don’t qualify for the visitor visa but you would like to visit us again at some future date then we recommend applying for what's called theF2 visa.

This allows you to reenter Canada within two years and doesn’t require you to live outside of a designated area.

Email the embassy

f2 visa interview

After arriving at your visa interview, you will be given an appointment time. This is when you need to prepare for your meeting.

It’s very important that you remember this date as it was announced to you at the airport!

Once you have settled into your hotel room, get in touch with the Embassy using email or phone. Make sure to check their website to see if there are any instructions for contacting them.

You can now also find the contact information in our Re-entry Visas section, under Contact Information. There you will find all of the necessary details such as how to send messages through Facebook, Skype, and other common chat apps.

After sending your message, leave a good amount of time to respond as some countries may not receive your email immediately.

Call the embassy

f2 visa interview

After arriving at your visa interview, you will be given an appointment time by USCIS. This is when you should call or schedule your next meeting with staff members for your visit.

It’s very important to arrive early enough to relax before the tour of the facility begins. You don’t want to be distracted while trying to focus on all the things there!

Some people recommend bringing copies of documents and notes to help recall information.