Examples Of Publicity In Marketing

By Tiara Ogabang

The promotion of your business can only be done through media and publicity.

PR firms use some business directories, online platforms, social media, publications, blogs, conferences, and other outlets. The main objective of such a media organization is to promote a particular business and its services.

The list of these includes:

  • Reputation and affiliations
  • Circulation and readership
  • Pay-per-click SEO
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media
  • Types of PR efforts

There are several media and PR initiatives.

Public relations (PR)

The first involves introducing your company to its clients and end-users through newspapers, magazines, television, radio, the internet, or any other traditional media.

It is a fact that due to the presence of lots of information available online, getting your client's business in front of the right customers through print media is unlikely to give you much exposure.

Negative media

If you work with a PR firm, the need of the hour is to go one step ahead by eliminating such negative publicity. Whenever you publish an article or an advertisement, ensure that it contains positive information.

It will work wonders for your brand if you do this.

Invest in public relations software

PR firms use PR software and tools to manage projects. A lot of these tools focus on reaching your target market through media outlets.

Some tools help you in getting potential leads and in receiving your contact information.

Media marketing

Another form of PR is media marketing. A marketer works with a media house that has contacts with the press and other media outlets.

A media outlet, in return, promotes your business and its products or services. It allows you to reach out to your audience so that you can give them something to look forward to.

Promoting your business is not only a business concern but also an issue of your brand. Only when you give publicity to your brand will it attract customers and increase its value.

The use of the press release and book cover

If a company sends an advance copy of the book to a known PR firm that they are affiliated with, and they market it online, this helps generate positive publicity, but not as much as sending an autographed copy. In that case, there is the prospect of the press releasing on their own, but it is unlikely that the press release will have the same amount of reach as the autographed copy.

In addition to the autographed copy, the press release itself could generate the best publicity for the book and the lead actor (who is probably not getting paid by the press release publisher). The goal here is to get the book reviewed in several magazines, websites, and blogs, all of which could publish the book or film and generate more publicity.

This is the actual press release that was sent:

‘Today we are publishing Death by Design; the late J.D. Ellison wrote the title. It is a novel about a woman who enlists an assassin's aid to assassinate her father, a notorious “killer,” to save her own skin.

The story is set in a one-time special operative organization that hires hitmen to eliminate members of rival criminal organizations.

It turns out that the killer hired by Joan, whose father leads a rival “king of crime,” is also hired to kill Joan’s own father. Joan begins to suspect that this team has murdered her father.

J.D. Ellison, the novel’s author, was an active special operative in the organization for more than twenty-five years. He specialized in assassinations and other types of covert operations.

As a special operative, he had assassinated world leaders and well-known gangsters, rogue FBI agents, and terrorists.

A former Navy SEAL, he specialized in undercover operations and covert operations.’

This is the direct link to the book’s webpage on Amazon.com, its Twitter page, and Facebook page. You can also check out the author’s Amazon author page by clicking here.

All of this is used to create multiple pieces of publicity for the book. The book is being sold on Amazon; Amazon promotes the book with an Amazon Kindle 5-star review. The book's cover is being used by several online news outlets and a television show, and other press releases are using the title.

Besides, there is a direct link to the Kindle version of the book here.

Making the book a movie

The film’s premiere can be the end of the public events, and the book can fall to the wayside. However, it is possible to turn it into a movie to get another boost in publicity.

All you have to do is connect the book to a popular movie star, and Hollywood will pick it up for millions of dollars. After all, they love people to buy the movie rights, and they will even include a personalized message on the jacket in exchange for millions of dollars.