Examples Of Niche Marketing In Photography

By Promo Panda Staff

This article will discuss an example of niche marketing strategy in photography, focusing on a set of specific photography genres that are of interest to many people. To read more about niche marketing, please read the introduction article to this section.

Every genre of photography has some things in common. I have spent many hours thinking about what things make a photography genre, and I’ve come up with these several things.

Core aspects

Core aspects

These elements are essential to a genre, such as a portraiture, landscape, wildlife, landscape, street, and black and white. When you set out to photograph a genre, the one thing you must have is the core aspect.

If you don’t, your pictures won’t be considered part of the genre, and you won’t make much money. It would help if you were an expert in the core aspects.

Different genres have slightly different core aspects, but they are all similar.


There are many different ways to do ‘lifestyle’ photography, which I will discuss in detail in another article. Other popular genres of photography have a core aspect that is very closely linked to the activity's focus.

Underwater photography, for example, focuses on underwater life, and you need to be proficient in both underwater photography and photography underwater.

Someone who is not proficient in underwater photography may not transition to water sports photography, where many people compete and place highly in competitions or win large awards in photo contests.



If you photograph a subject that is often seen in advertising, it is often called ‘commercial’ photography. You can often make quite a bit of money doing ‘commercial’ photography.

Advertising photography is often considered to be something that an ‘old’ photographer should do because of the fee you get for it.

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Choosing between shooting a ‘stylish portrait’ and ‘a landscape’ is essential.

One of the most important aspects of niche marketing is the knowledge and experience that you have.

When you look at photography forums and other places online, many people are discussing which is better to shoot: a ‘stylish portrait,’ a ‘landscape’ or a ‘street portrait.’

To find out more about ‘stylish portrait’ photography, read the article on it in this section. To find out more about ‘landscape’ photography, read the article on it in this section.

And to find out about ‘street portrait’ photography, read the article on it in this section.

When I looked at this online debate, there were three criteria that I was using:

  • Do I have a lot of experience shooting the particular genre?
  • How well do I think I am at shooting it?
  • How many similar pictures do I think I have made in the past?

There are many talks online about who is the better photographer of a particular genre or who has the best skill set to shoot it. I often get emails from people who have either recently taken up the genre or have been trying to get into it, and they want advice.

If I can give advice that is useful to them, then I am happy to help.


If you are serious about this niche marketing and want to make the most of its experience, you will want to get better at the core aspects. For me, it has always been good to know how to shoot portraits in particular, and I am very experienced at it.

I do a lot of portrait photography. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to get paid to do it.

However, as I wrote in my article on different photography genres, there are a lot of different things to know about the different genres, and each has its own skillset.

You may be equally talented at photographing a portrait or landscape, or both. But if you are a new photographer, you will be more likely to know how to take good portraits than a landscape.

And if you are a landscape photographer, you are more likely to be skilled at shooting portrait pictures than you would a portrait picture.

If you want to make the most of this niche, you will need to be strong in the key competencies that make it easier for you to take good portrait and landscape pictures.

If you are new to photography, this may be an area where you need to focus a lot of time learning how to do it well.

If you are a ‘stylish portrait’ photographer, you will want to know how to take good pictures in both genres. This is because you need to know how to achieve the look that is typical in that specific genre and be able to do it with your particular style.

If you are a landscape photographer, you will probably be more confident at taking portraits. And if you do shoot many landscape pictures, it will probably be more relaxed and natural.

If you are a street photographer, you may be better at portrait photography.

Having said all of this, I think that there is more value in knowing how to shoot portraits in general than being able to do a good portrait or landscape photo in just one genre. There are a lot of general photography skills that you can apply when you are taking landscape and portrait pictures.

For example, if you are a portrait photographer, you will probably need to use different types of light and a wide range of focal lengths if you want to take good pictures. And you will need to know how to use natural and artificial light and reflectors and reflectors and diffusers.

If you are interested in learning how to take pictures in different genres, I would highly recommend getting a copy of Ultimate Guide to Street Photography or getting a copy of street photography images in general. This will help you understand how the genre is perceived and how to approach your subject uniquely.