EB-1A Visa Requirements — Press, and Why You Need It

By Tiara Ogabang

This article will discuss the EB-1 visa requirements and why Promo Panda can help you get press to satisfy these requirements.

Disclaimer: Always consult an immigration attorney about the best way to proceed with a visa application. Promo Panda is not a law firm.

One of the main requirements of an EB1a visa is that you can provide evidence of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. The best way to do that is through independent, organic, and high-quality press about you or your brand.

Whether you're a new company, an entrepreneur in your local community or a big name in your field, our team of journalists can help you achieve extraordinary levels of success in your industry.

We all love the press, but we know sometimes it's hard to break into the media mix. You could have an amazing product or a great service, but you might not be able to get the coverage you need to get more business and gain more revenue.

Perhaps you have the name recognition, but not the press. Or maybe you have the press but your services are a little too specialized or too niche?

Whatever your circumstances, we can help you get press. Let's start by exploring the EB1a visa requirements.

What are the EB1a visa requirements?

What Is The EB-1 Visa

Now that you know the general requirements for an EB1a visa, we're going to dig into the details of how you can meet them. We've even put together some sample itineraries that show you exactly how to follow the rules.

You can read the full EB1a visa requirements right here.

In summary, there are two main requirements: 1) you need to offer independent, non-conflicted evaluation of your achievements and 2) you need to achieve level 5 or level 6 in any of the listed areas. For the purpose of our examples, level 5 is equivalent to being at the top of your industry (with extremely competitive brands).

For the purposes of our examples, we're going to focus on how to satisfy #1.

Promo Panda to help you to demonstrate proof of extraordinary ability

Here are the steps to take to get on your way to proving your extraordinary ability through independent media coverage.

Step 1: Log in to Promo Panda

Step 2: Fill out your profile.

Step 3: Check out one of our blog post on the best campaign structure for EB1 and 01 visas.

Step 4: Add your placements to the cart and purchase!

Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts on the best campaign structure for your needs.

Adding materials to your profile

Make sure you have your proof of extraordinary ability sorted out, including a resume and portfolio with at least one piece of high-quality press that shows your uniqueness and brand value.

Once you've completed the application and you're ready to submit your proof of extraordinary ability, start by searching for press outlets that are an appropriate match for your brand and niche.

Then, carefully read their editorial policies, which typically allow content that hasn't been published in the past two months. Any other content guidelines or requirements will require you to submit your press release to all press outlets at the same time, which will cause unnecessary delays in the approval process.

How will my extraordinary ability be verified through independent media?

Practical examples of press outlets that would work for our hypothetical business include:

  • Blogger networks, where press is part of their brand strategy
  • Journalism-specific publications
  • Information and academic publications.

If you need a closer look at some of our examples, you can check out our media coverage report for past clients.

The keyword that we want to emphasize is independent press, not a press release. Independent press is content that's been published about you from an independent source, while press releases are content that you have had a hand in creating, which would not be valued for EB1 or O1 visas.

How to make sure that your E-B1a application is accepted

Let’s say that you are a would-be entrepreneur in the US and you are applying for an E-B1a.

If you want to minimize the possibility of rejection it is advisable to have as much press as possible about you or your company. This can require a lot of time so it is best to start the process as soon as possible.

With that, making sure that you submit your E-B1a appeal with professional expertise on time, and with all of the best forms of evidence (including all the independent press you've secured) is the best way to ensure that your visa gets approved.

Using Promo Panda for an E-B1a visa

Here at Promo Panda, we offer a range of online services for media professionals, small business owners, and artists. One of our services is the eb1a visa application service, which is a free resource for people looking to appeal visa rejections in the US.

Why do you need this service?

E-B1a visa applications require a substantial amount of time and money to be approved. When you apply for your visa, it takes time to gather all the necessary evidence and paperwork.

The upside is that the EB1a visa is one of the easiest visas for highly skilled applicants to obtain. However, even the most highly skilled people need time to gather all the necessary evidence to get a visa approved.

Promo Panda helps you obtain press coverage for visa very quickly. We have a timeline feature on our website where you can set the date you need your publications by.

However, even though we are able to process this fairly quickly as opposed to other PR firms, it is still a great idea  to get in the order as fast as possible so that everyone has ample time to do their work.