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Types of Placements

Exactly how the finished article will look depends on a number of factors. These include the outlet in which you’re placed, as well as the type of placements in your campaign.

For example, the finished product may take the form of a full-fledged one-on-one interview. It can be a single, witty quote within a longer exposé.

Promo Panda includes a variety of placement types, each varying in degree to which your focuses are components of published articles. 

Currently, we offer 3 types of placements:

  • Interviews
  • Features (Standard and Upgraded)
  • Mentions


What are interviews?

Interviews are exactly what they sound like – written questions and answers (Q & A).

Promo Panda’s algorithms analyze your info and expertise and find a writer/publication pair interested in interviewing you. 

Interviews are typically published with some commentary from the writer, usually in the form of an introduction explaining who you are, what you do, why you’re awesome, etc.

Sometimes writers will weave commentary throughout the interview, although this is less common. 

Interviews generally clock in at around 800-1k words.

Interview SEO benefits

Interviews are great for targeted SEO

They are less useful for impression generation.

Examples of interviews 

Here are some examples of interviews we've secured for our clients.


What are feature articles? 

Feature articles are long-form articles in which YOU are a centerpiece.

Features generally clock in at around 1.5k words. They can sometimes be as long as 3k words, or even more!

In order to maximize the quality of your feature, we use a combination of sorting algorithms and human touch to find a publication that is right for you. 

What exactly does that mean?

Here’s an explanation of how features work: 

Promo Panda uses sorting algorithms to find a writer/publication pair that will:

  1. Take the most interest in you and your profile
  2. Yield the most interesting article for netizens to enjoy

Examples of featured articles

Here are examples of featured articles we've secured for our clients.

Upgraded Features

Similar to feature articles, these articles appear in blogs that get more than 100k unique visitors per month! If you really care about visibility, this is the option for you.

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