Setting a Timeline

Use the slider to make the timeline for your campaign faster or slower.

Setting a Timeline

The faster the timeline, the more expensive the campaign will be.

The slower the timeline, the more your campaign will be discounted!

Standard Timelines

The standard timeline for any campaign is 30 days per placement in your campaign.

For example, if your campaign consists of 2 Interviews and 1 Feature (3 placements total), you’re looking at a 90-day timeline (30 days time X 3 placements = 90 days).

You can use the timeline slider to set timelines as fast as 7 days per placement (for a 50% fee) or slow as 60 days per placement (for a 10% discount). Customize your timeline to fit your needs!

Prioritization – fast campaigns, guaranteed!

Campaigns with shorter-than-standard timelines are called prioritized campaigns

When you prioritize a campaign, a couple of things happen: 

  1. We move your campaign to the top of our queue, meaning that our sorting algorithms find your placements before those of campaigns that aren’t prioritized. 
  2. Your assigned publicist pays extra attention to your campaign to ensure its timely completion.

Requirements for meeting guaranteed deadlines

In order to meet a prioritized campaign’s deadline, you’ll be required to answer questionnaires within 48 hours of receiving them.

Questionnaires for your campaign will become available as each placement is secured.

Secure Badge

Be sure to enable email notifications – these will keep you notified of impending due dates!

Click here for tips on answering questionnaires.

Don’t need things quickly? Slow down your campaign for a discount!

If you have a lot of time available (or you just want to space out the publishing of your placements over time), you can move the slider to the right to extend your campaign timeline and receive a discount.

You can see the discount percentage and total campaign fee change in real-time as you drag the slider!