Refund Policy

Promo Panda's "guaranteed coverage" explained

Promo Panda's proprietary technology allows us to have an extremely high rate of coverage success compared to traditional PR firms.

This means that by the time placements are secured for our users, there is approximately a 99% chance that it will be published.

As the vast majority of our 1,000+ customers users will tell you, Promo Panda gets the job done, every single time.

In the extremely unlikely event that Promo Panda cannot fulfill its obligations, users may be eligible for refunds or complimentary press coverage.

Why we guarantee our coverage

One of the biggest flaws of traditional PR firms is that there are few, if any, guarantees as to the efficacy of their services.

Promo Panda was designed in part to rectify this uncertainty by assuring you that you'll receive what you pay for.

What happens if a placement never gets published?

If we are unable to secure any placement(s) in your campaign, Promo Panda will likely extend to you:

A refund (partial)


Complimentary placements.

Both refunds and complimentary coverage are administered solely at the discretion of Panda Inc., the owner of the Promo Panda platform.

If you're unhappy with any part of your Promo Panda experience, just send an email  and your account manager will contact you.

If you prioritized your campaign, read this!

There are a number of circumstances in which Promo Panda can NOT guarantee that prioritized campaign deadlines will be met.

These circumstances include, but are not limited to:

  1. Users do not complete a placement's required questionnaires. If required questionnaires aren't completed, placements are stuck in secured status, and our platform won't be able to take the next steps required to see the placement through to published status.
  2. Users do not upload the required information via account settings. Without a bio and focus, (and sometimes supplementary information), our platform may not be able to effectively present users's profiles to publications in our system.
  3. Users do not complete each placement's required questionnaire within forty-eight (48) hours of receiving an email notifying them of a placement's secured status.

Subscription Fee Refunds

Promo Panda is unable to refund charges incurred as a result of subscription plans.

If you would like to cancel your paid plan, you can always set your account type to "free" via your account settings.

Changing your account type to free immediately turns off recurring charges.