Placement Statuses

This article will go over the workflow of your campaign.

Placement statuses

Each article (or placement) in your campaign can have one of four statuses. They are:

This ordered sequence is the same for all placements, regardless of their type.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon Icon

Coming Soon is the initial status of all placements.

At this step, it’s up to us to find a publication and writer interested in creating your placement.

Remember to upload your basic information via your account settings or your placements will stay in this phase forever!

(Or at least until we reach out to you and get your info  😎)


Secured Badge

When a placement is Secured, this means that Promo Panda has finalized a writer/publication pair. 

Secured placements come with questionnaires

At this stage, there’s a little bit of work for you to do!

You’ll need to answer a questionnaire that will provide the writer with additional information for their article.

Keep the following in mind: generally, the answers you provide will be directly quoted (whether full or in part) in your finished placement!

Click here for tips on answering questionnaires.

In Progress

In Progress Icon

Upon submission of its questionnaire, a placement automatically becomes in progress.

After reviewing your answers (and cleaning them up for fluency and grammar) we’ll forward them to the respective writer.

At this point, there’s nothing more you need to do!


Published Icon

published placement is live and online for all to see. Click the badge to be taken to the published article!