Using the 'My Clients' Feature

If you’re a PR professional representing your own clients, Promo Panda has a number of features that can help speed up your workflow and save time providing services to your clients. 

These features are available for users on an Agency plan, so be sure to upgrade your account to take full advantage of them.

Users on an agency plan have the ability to add a number of clients to their Promo Panda account. This allows them to run campaigns for different clients simultaneously

Whereas non-agency users can only order campaigns for a single subject (generally the owner of the account), the My Clients feature ensures that PR pros can serve many clients at one time.

Adding clients

To add a client to your roster, hit the ‘+’ button.

Adding Clients Info

Editing client information

Entering information about your client is similar to adding information to your own account. 

Just type or paste in your client’s information and click “save.”

If you have basic or supplemental information you want to add to your client’s profile, just use the “upload file” option. 

You can use the file upload feature to attach headshots and other photo assets that you want to include in your clients’ placements. 

Edit Client Information

Removing clients

To delete a client from your roster, click on the client, then click on the edit information button, then scroll down and click “remove client from roster” at the bottom of a client’s profile.

Removing Clients