Creating a Campaign

Once you’ve signed up and created your profile, it’s time to dive headfirst into creating your first campaign. 

Campaigns are your way of ordering different placements of your choosing.

To start, click the big purple Create Campaign button.

Naming your campaign

Assign a name to your campaign to help you organize it. This information will only be between you and Promo Panda. Pick a name that describes what you are trying to promote.

Examples: “Brand Awareness Pitch September 2020”, “Album Release 2020”, “Press Outreach January 2021”

Adding placements to your campaign

To create your campaign, simply add and subtract placements using the “+” and “-” buttons next to each placement type.

Adding Placements To Your Campaign

You’ll see your total campaign price change as you add and subtract different placements in your cart.

Can I have more than one campaign running at a time?

No matter their subscription, all Promo Panda users can order as many campaigns as they’d like.

However, for Free and Premium subscribers, multiple campaigns run consecutively.

This means that, if you purchase multiple campaigns as a Free/Premium subscriber, they will be completed in the order they were created.

If you’re on our Agency plan, your campaigns will run simultaneously.

NOTE: We are aware of a bug that makes dates/deadlines display incorrectly for consecutive campaigns. We are working on a fix for this and will manually notify you of the correct timelines should you purchase multiple campaigns.