There are a number of factors that dictate the pricing of any particular campaign.

These factors include:

  • Your Promo Panda subscription plan
  • The quantity and type of placements it includes
  • Your selected timeline 
  • Your usage of Promo Panda (heavy users are eligible for additional discounts)

This article covers how each of these factors affect the final price of a campaign. 

Your subscription plan


Users on our free plan pay full price for placements.


Premium users receive a global 10% discount across all campaign orders. They also get access to direct messaging with their publicist.


Agency users receive a global 20% discount across all campaign orders.

Quantity and types of placements

The price of each placement type is commensurate with how large of a component they are in published media articles.


Mentions, given their brevity, generally do not require as much person-to-person communication between your Promo Panda publicist and the publication’s representative. 


Feature articles, given their extensive focus on a subject, typically require significant communication between Promo Panda publicists and publication reps. This is to ensure that each feature nails any messaging and branding goals


Communication required for interviews lies somewhere in the middle between features and mentions. 


A campaign’s timeline can drastically change its price. 

When creating a campaign, there are 3 options for its timeline:

  • Standard 
  • Prioritized
  • Extended 

Standard timeline

Standard timeline pricing is dynamic and may vary from week to week.   

We’re always looking for ways to reduce our standard timeline in order to make sure you get your placements published as quickly as possible!

Prioritized timeline

Like standard timelines, prioritized timelines are dynamically priced. During times of heavy usage, fees for prioritization will increase.

Extended timeline

Extended timelines offer fixed discounts of up to 10%. The longer you give us, the higher the discount!