Campaign Overview 


In the following articles, we’ll walk you through the steps needed to create a campaign.

When you first log into Promo Panda you’ll be taken to the ‘campaign section’ where you will see all the press campaigns that you’ve ordered.

However, we’ll want to make sure that we have our biographical information in the system as soon as possible.

Update your biography

Before you create your campaign (or shortly after you’ve created your campaign) you should update your biography so we can have information on your brand, company, or yourself (as a professional, entrepreneur, musician etc.).

To do that, click your avatar on the righthand corner and open Account Settings.

From your account page, you can fill out your biography, upload a PDF, upload high-quality photos — which gives our publicists all the info they need to pitch your campaign! (tip: the more information the better ?).


For more info on this, see account settings.


To order a campaign click Create Campaign

If you’ve already ordered your first campaign with Promo Panda (first of all, congratulations!) you’ll see it in the Campaigns section. 

Click the campaign to reveal an overview of its placements. 

Campaign Dropdown

This list is your control panel for monitoring and contributing to your campaign. 

Your personal publicist, all in an app.
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