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Here you can edit payment, account, and notification settings.

To access your account settings, click your avatar in the top right corner of the screen.


Bios are brief overviews of who you are, what you do, anything you think is relevant to telling your story.


You can communicate specific angles and accomplishments to highlight through your Focus.

Here are a few Focus examples

For a musician…

My band, Six Liars Down, is releasing an album next month. I want to spread the word about the upcoming release and let people know about a music video for the single we have coming out in a few weeks. Also, we just got an awesome new drummer named Zoomi and we want to make sure people can get to know the new member of the group.

For an entrepreneur…

I own a midsize data analysis consultancy that works with companies in the energy sector. I want to be featured in content and publications that will help me be seen by potential partners and clients. 

Upload Files

You can use the purple Upload File at the bottom of your account screen and upload things like images, resumes, and other supplementary information that you think will be helpful in telling your story.

DO NOT include unimportant or private info!

🚨Important to note – if there is any information you do not want to be shared with the media, be sure to make your publicist aware, or consider not including this information at all.

Payment Details


From this menu, you can add to and edit your payment methods. 

To add a method, click the “+” icon. 

Billing History

Here you can see your latest billing activity. 

The date, amount, and billed item or subscription are recorded here. 


Here you can opt-in to email notifications. 

We recommend that you keep these on, they’ll ensure that you’re kept up-to-date with the most important information regarding your campaigns and online visibility.

Requestion deletion of your data

If at any time, you decide that you would no longer like to keep your Promo Panda account, simply contact us to request the total deletion of both your account and its data.