Creative Ways To Promote Music On Social Media

By Tiara Ogabang

In the beginning, I was doing things all wrong and wasn’t creating the right kind of fanbases for my music.

I didn’t go out and create engagement in any way and I didn’t care what people thought about my music, but I didn’t care that I wasn’t reaching the fans that I wanted to, either.

Using live streams to your advantage

Using live streams to your advantage

Doing live streams is not for promoting your music videos. It is in fact another form of content that people can engage with. In fact, we've advised people to post the majority of their music videos on YouTube, while never putting any of the live streams on youtube.

A live stream is a great way to give people a window into your world. By doing this you can show people your thought process, engage with fans, and in general, give people more content they can grab onto.

Using your Facebook or YouTube channel to promote your work and the content of your albums and single is a very effective method of driving traffic to your channel. If you have any of these channels linked on your Facebook or YouTube, linking them to the album is an even better method of increasing fans.

I promote all of my music using different platforms and on all platforms. I post each song individually on Facebook. Some of the Facebook pages that I belong to have special promotions and giveaways.

I post up about them on my Facebook, and then go around and share them to my friends. I post up videos, pictures, and blog posts on Twitter and YouTube. Each of these platforms provides me the opportunity to connect to my fans, post music-related information, and utilize promotion for a very specific purpose, which is driving traffic to my site. This makes it a very efficient way to promote music to a large number of my fans.

I use Soundcloud to host all of my remixes, covers, mash-ups, etc. and I upload each of them onto my YouTube channel.

Facebook for the win

Facebook for the win

Facebook is by far my favorite tool for music promotion. Not only can it be used as a promotional tool, it also provides social interaction between me and my fans. I can be random, silly, happy, sad, and have fun in my posts, and my fans can do the same in their posts.

This lets us interact with each other on a level that’s unprecedented on any other platform, and it makes us closer and feel more connected. Not only that, it is also effective at driving traffic to my websites.

One thing that I’ve noticed in regards to my Facebook page is that my fans will share and promote my posts in their newsfeeds. They post links to my social media page in their newsfeed, which is where my fans are actually seeing and engaging with my posts.

It’s important to keep those posts eye-catching and catchy because it gets the music that they’re listening to, and that’s what they want to talk about.

YouTube is my second most powerful tool. My fans know my brand and like me on YouTube, and they tend to spend more time on my YouTube page. I am obsessed with the search features that YouTube provides.

When my fans are looking for my name, they can search for me with the keyword that I’ve specified, and most of the time, I will show up in their search results. Once they find my video, they can click on the play button, and it will start playing. I use this to drive traffic to my YouTube channel and my website, and I also use it to find new music and remixes to post up.

In regards to Facebook, I use it to post album reviews, new cover images, blog post reviews, and when I release a new single, I post a link to the music video on Facebook, and the first 10 people who watch it, they will receive an mp3 download of the single on their phone. This drives traffic to my site, and it also makes it easier for my fans to access new music. My Facebook fans know what to expect when I release a new single, and

“Free Music” marketing — GIVE YOUR MUSIC AWAY

Free Music Marketing

The best way to do this is to create awareness of your music through creative means.

This marketing technique relies on incentivizing people to create or share something about your music. This can include writing reviews, talking about your music, or writing a YouTube video.

The idea is that you want to give your music away in order to receive some compensation. Sometimes that could mean a blog review, sometimes that could mean a share on social media, or sometimes that could mean people posting your music to their own youtube channel that has viewers.

Using paid social media

Using paid social media

The last type of marketing I’ll mention is based on online marketing. The most obvious form of online marketing you can do is to get a Facebook fan page. This is a free service which allows you to gather fans and talk to them.

You can use this to get exposure to people you wouldn’t have been able to get to otherwise, which can help you to create a social media presence for your music.

You can also use online marketing to get exposure to people who are already fans of your music. This is called sponsored posting.

Paid advertising is great for certain kinds of people. If you’re going to hire someone to write a review, they may well love your music, whereas if they don’t like your music, they won’t want to write about it. The same goes for musicians: some people have a natural affinity for their music, whereas others need a push to get into it.

If you’re doing paid advertising, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting paid fairly for each person you reach. You can look for reviews on sites like, so you can be sure that people who have written reviews have already received payment.

The people you’re promoting your music to will be fans and would be interested in the things you’re doing. So you can give them an incentive to post about your music. They’ll want to help promote the band they love, so you can provide them with a free giveaway or a discount code that will make them happy.

Give people a reason to become fans

Even if you don’t make it easy to get into your music, you can still create a devoted fan base by going to live events and talking about it.

People love talking about music. Find a way to do this for free, then start offering it to fans for free.

If you want to get your music in front of more people, check out my free course on getting paid to write music.

Are you offering your music for free? How do you get people to pay for it?

This article will discuss creative ways to promote music on social media and increase fan interaction. Some of these ideas are based on personal experience or observations, while others are based on research and theory. Some of these ideas are sponsored by record labels and some are not.

How to Promote Music on Social Media

How to Promote Music on Social Media

Let’s start with Twitter. Social media is my go-to tool for promoting music. I don’t use it as often as some, and the rules for Twitter can be complicated, but I use it to post up my latest projects.

I post a tweet about anything and everything I do, whether it be a link to a new single, tour dates, radio play, or new music. As for an upcoming single, I usually tweet something about the single and/or album, followed by a link to listen.

I post more tweets with single links to artists that are similar to me and want to be able to get some exposure. That way, I can let my fans know that my next song is coming out.

You can also promote music on Twitter by tweeting about music

The Twitter search function is convenient, and can be used to search for songs to post a link to. On the other hand, I’ve seen people use the “trending” feature to promote new releases.

If you’re very creative with how you choose your music to trend, it can be extremely effective, especially when you can create a catchy caption or clever caption for each and every tweet.