Change Visa Interview Location

By Tiara

Recent events have made it clear that our current system of visa processing is broken. With each new scandal or controversy, there comes a call for change. Systems in place to ensure fair visas are being undermined as departments focus more on their own success rather than protecting the rights of others.

Visa agencies across the globe have become targets of public ire due to repeated complaints about poor service quality, long wait times for interviews, and unethical practices used to fill positions.

Some countries simply cannot afford the expensive fees that large international organizations can, leaving low-income applicants vulnerable to corruption or unequal treatment. Others feel targeted because of their national identity or religion, creating uncomfortable environments for people seeking employment or humanitarian work.

It’s time we had a reevaluation of how the global visa process works – whether you’re talking about the source country, destination country, agency, or department level. We need to find better ways to incentivize good behavior while discouraging harmful ones.

At VISA, we believe strong accountability and ethical standards should be mandatory for all visa businesses. That’s why we created The Global Code of Conduct for Private Immigration Services (GPIC).

By adopting this code, you show your commitment to ethics by setting high expectations and holding yourself accountable to these principles. You also help promote transparency through open reporting mechanisms, such as codes of conduct, conflict minerals disclosures, and annual reports.

Tell the truth

As mentioned earlier, changing your visa interview location is one of the most important things you can do to improve your travel experiences.
As frustrating as an international flight may be, it’s not uncommon for there to be some sort of meeting or event that takes place before passengers board the next part of the journey.

This could be a conference, seminar, trade show, etc. That means even though you were already paid for time spent away from home, they now have to pay you for the additional time needed to get back home.

By knowing where your destination airport’s visa waiver program is, you will know if and when this happens, which helps mitigate this cost.

Do not provide false information

change visa interview location

Changing your visa interview location is certainly not easy, but it is totally doable if you follow certain rules. Before doing so though, you must be sure that you have researched the appropriate procedures and that your cover has been put in place.

It is important to remember that even if you are traveling for business, there may still be ways to save time at your destination. For example, you can ask to begin the interviews back home or in another city, depending on how well connected your organization is.

By being aware of potential pitfalls, you will know what to expect and what steps to take.

Be confident

change visa interview location

Changing your visa interview location is definitely not easy, but it is totally doable! If you are feeling nervous or stressed out at the moment of your interview, you can simply leave it for later.

Visas typically take two to three days to process, so don’t worry too much about missing part of your trip. Plus, there are many different ways to get a visa so it doesn’t really matter when yours comes up, unless you have a very special event planned.

It will be difficult to control your nerves before the interview, but once it happens everything will seem more in control. Try and relax and treat yourself like you would normally treat yourself – enjoy this time because you only have one such opportunity every few years.

Not changing your destination until just hours before the interview may hurt your chances of getting the visa, so think about it carefully.

Tell the truth about all aspects of your life

change visa interview location

In fact, knowing how to prepare for a visa interview is more like preparing to have a conversation with someone than it is applying for a visa. And just as you would not tell half-truths in a normal conversation, that’s what can hurt you or help you during an immigration related discussion.

If there are any questions that seem vague, weird or out of place, speak up! Don’t worry about looking bad — being totally honest will probably make people feel better.

Be honest about why you need to stay in Canada longer than planned, if at all possible. If you cannot be, then state that.

Some things to keep in mind

change visa interview location

Recent changes to immigration laws have made it more difficult for non-EU citizens like you reading this article to come to the United States as a visitor or immigrant.

Under current law, when an individual applies to visit USA using the VISA Waiver System (or “Visas”), they must choose either a Remote Country Embassy or An International Consulate.

The most common way to use the Visitor Waiver is at an embassy outside of the country that the applicant will be visiting. This is typically done by applying through an international organization’s website where you can apply and pay online.

Because there are so many organizations offering visa services, it is very hard to know which ones are actually capable of handling your visa application. Sometimes these companies make false promises, take too long to get approved, and/or charge large fees for service.

Know the location well

change visa interview location

Recent developments for international visa applicants include changing your interview location. This is very important as some locations may not be convenient or comfortable for you, nor will it help determine if you are eligible for a visa.

Interviews typically take place in an office setting with a desk, chairs, and perhaps a small conference room. They may also require phone calls or video chats to verify information or get more details about your stay.

Some countries require two interviews — one face-to-face meeting and then a follow up via telephone or online chat. Others may ask only one meeting depending upon whether they feel that they have enough info during the first visit.

Dress the part

change visa interview location

When traveling for an extended period of time, it is important to look professional and dress appropriately. This includes picking out appropriate travel clothes that match your surroundings and style, packing in layers so you can pull out what pieces you need at any given time, and bringing the right accessories (such as hats and shoes).

If you’re attending a restaurant meeting, then don’t wear jeans and sweatshirt – they are not conducive to such. Find something formal or casual that will compliment the setting and make you feel comfortable.

You do not want to appear sloppy or unprepared when attending an interview for a position that requires a high level of professionalism. In fact, being prepared goes beyond just showing up dressed properly – it also means having done some research, read materials, and listened to how professionals speak about their experiences with the company and the department.

In addition to looking professionally dressed, be aware of basic protocol. For example, know if there is an internal phone booth where you can talk privately before the appointment, what items should be left behind. If you have to take a break during the meeting, know whether it is okay to leave without saying goodbye or taking off your jacket.

Positive attitude

change visa interview location

The day of your visa interview will be tough, but you’ve prepared well. You have done your research, made sure all your documents are in order, and left some time to yourself before you head off.

In addition to showing how committed you are to living in Australia long term, an important factor in deciding whether or not you get approved for a visa is how you interact with officials during the visit.

Your tone, how you respond to their questions, and how you carry yourself show these things. If you arrive nervous or stressed out, it can negatively affect your appearance and perception of us as we try to help you!

We would like to think that our offices are comfortable, so why should you feel otherwise? Make use of the facilities they provide and keep an open conversation with us while you wait. We’d also recommend bringing this up if there’s any chance you’ll need to go to the bathroom – even for a short amount of time!

If possible, do not put your hand into your pocket or purse without permission until after the interview. This could be seen as a threat and make you look suspicious.