THESE Are The Careers You Should Choose to Become Famous

By Tiara Ogabang

This article will discuss careers to become famous, as it relates to becoming famous as a celebrity, director, designer, musician, lawyer, dentist, stylist, makeup artist, accountant or caterer.

We will also go into great details on getting in touch with celebrities, being famous, standing out from the crowd and much more. You will be left with a ton of real-life examples of people that have made their way to fame.

This guide covers the rules and habits of successful celebrities, and also the hidden key to success.

Before we go on, understand this: becoming famous typically is not an overnight affair, regardless of how often people play up the “overnight success” narrative that shows up in a lot of tabloids and other media.

The first step to becoming famous in any industry is to become competent and renowned for your skills in that specific sector.

We’d like to give you shortcuts to skipping the whole competence thing, but the plain fact of it is that these types of shortcuts simply don’t exist.

What does exist is things you can keep in mind once you have attained competence in your industry, and we have outlined these things here.

Why becoming famous is the goal

An average person won’t become famous unless they are known for something. It’s really about having a niche that no one else has. But, being known for the wrong things is the worst thing you can do.

Many famous people were known for doing bad things. Make sure you have a positive attitude and enjoy every moment of your life.

The best advice you’ll ever receive is to follow your passion.

The Hollywood route

The Hollywood route

Let’s start with the most cliche (but still viable) option for careers that lead to fame: show business.

Many famous people chose a career in entertainment, specifically in Hollywood. For example, actors like Steve Carell, Nick Nolte, Tom Hanks, and Kevin Spacey all went to college.

However, this is no guarantee of success. If these examples failed to rise to the top of the acting profession, they were not likely to make millions of dollars, gain fame, and get invited to appear on chat shows.

Many actors don’t work on a movie for months at a time, but their schedule is such that they have very little time to do other things. In many cases, this has led to tragedy, as some have lost their lives.

Formal training isn’t always required

However, some very famous people are able to find success in Hollywood without ever having had any formal training or the opportunity to pursue their dream of a career in the performing arts.

Some celebrities have a degree from a reputable school, but never made a career in the performing arts. Tom Cruise, for example, did not attend college.

Nevertheless, he has achieved huge success in the performing arts and has become a household name.

Likewise, Jamie Foxx, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, and Madonna have all become famous without any real, formal training.

In this regard, acting is no longer considered a career for those who are unwilling or unable to have a formal education.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question, “Which career path should I take?”

However, as with most things in life, there are usually multiple options and many more possibilities than we can contemplate.

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What you can do to be famous in ANY industry

While we could go over ways to become famous depending on the specific career you’ve chosen (and that includes anything from entertainment to law), the truth is that there are more similarities when it comes to being famous in any industry than there are differences.

Here is a list of things you can utilize to become famous in your chosen profession.

Be aware that that specific application of these tips will change from industry to industry, so it will be up to you to interpret each of these tips as they pertain to your career.

Be obsessed with pop culture

There’s nothing more powerful than having a pop culture background and knowledge.

Stay humble

There’s nothing worse than being arrogant and egocentric. Embrace your fans. Don’t turn your fans against you. Don’t take every opportunity you can to promote yourself. You’re going to be more successful if you don’t take advantage of every opportunity to promote yourself.

You can’t become famous by being a mean person with no redeeming qualities!

Treat your fans and followers like they are equal and very important.

Learn English

Obviously if you live in a non-English speaking country, you don’t need English to become famous in that country.

But if you want to become internationally famous, you’re going to need serious English skills.

Why? There are more speakers of English than any other language, period.