C21 Visa Processing Time

By Tiara

Having to wait for your visa can be quite stressful, especially if you’re trying to visit a beloved country at the best time possible. Luckily, there are ways to get some help in finding out what is causing the delay and who to contact about it.

Visitor sites like Expedia or TripAdvisor will usually have reviews of different consulates around the world as well as tips on how to manage your travel schedule while waiting for your visas. They may also include phone numbers and emails for people at the consulate that can help you!

There are many reasons why processing times might take longer than expected, so knowing who to call can save you from having to start your trip later.

Why does it take so long to process?

c21 visa processing time

The vast majority of people who have a visa pending are actually not actively working in America. They may be studying, performing freelance work or just staying at a hotel while they are waiting for their next step.

But employers must verify that these things are happening before they can approve your departure from the country! This is what adds time to processing times.

By law, every employer Must Have Employee Exit Documentation (or “I-94” forms) on file when an employee departs the US. These documents prove that someone has seen the employee and confirms that they left the country.

This documentation also includes proof of where the employee is going as well as when they will return.

How can I speed up the process?

c21 visa processing time

The next step in processing your visa is to find out what tools they offer you to help navigate through the process. You can use their website, apps, or phone services to do this.

There are several ways to check the status of your visa so that you don’t have to go all the way back to the beginning!

You can log onto Vistalize.com which is an easy to use platform that allows you to view your application details, add notes, and upload documents (this costs around $10 per document).

Alternatively, you can download the VFS Mobile app which gives you access to the same functions as Vistalizte. This cost is also about $10. Both of these have a free trial first.

Is my passport valid enough?

c21 visa processing time

The other major factor in visa processing time is whether or not your passport has enough days left before it expires. If you are traveling soon, make sure to update your passport information- including your name, date of birth, and expiration date!

Many countries require at least six months for residency after arriving as an immigrant, so if your current passport was issued less than six months ago, chances are it will expire within the next six months.

You should always check your passport’s expiration status online before leaving for the airport, since some departments may be closed during winter break or vacation seasons. Some even have special appointments during that period to help with work.

And while there is no guarantee that your current passport will be sufficient for all of your travels, it can’t hurt to double check! It is never too early to start planning for your future travel, especially when it comes to immigration.

Do I need my bank statements?

c21 visa processing time

Even though you do not require your monthly banking documents, we recommend that you keep them anyway. This is because most visa sponsors want to see at least two months of receipts as proof of income.

Most major banks will mail you your statement within a few days of each month’s balance. You can either save these documents or ask someone to send you yours via internet or snail mail.

Do not forget to include any small bills like cell phone bills, house hold bills, etc., in this period as well! Many employers check these items too.

Who will I be staying with?

c21 visa processing time

It is very important to know who your main support system will be while you are in Canada. You do not want to find yourself stranded because you don’t have anyone!

It is best to make friends before you leave, so once you arrive in Canada it won’t be difficult to connect. Find out as much information about people as possible – where they work, what schools their children go to, etc.

The more connected you are, the easier it will be to get help if needed. Try gathering some basic info from each other, then refer back to this article for tips on how to ask better questions.

You can also check out our article: How To Stay In Budget While Living Abroad For More Tips.

What are my options if I need to cancel my trip?

c21 visa processing time

If you must go, then you should definitely give yourself enough time to do so! Almost every airline allows for an additional 24-48 hours to process your visa before they board you. Some even allow two weeks!

If you have already purchased or reserved your ticket, there is not much you can do beyond that period unless the government grants you a waiver. But more likely than not, you will be able to rebook your flight easily and cost effectively.

Many airlines also offer convenient track booking services where you can watch your flight move forward as payments are received.

What is a visa waiver?

c21 visa processing time

A visa waiver is when your country does not require you to have a visa before traveling to their country. This is typically done for very popular destinations or in times of emergency (virus outbreak, etc).

Most countries offer at least one year of free visas for tourists. These are referred to as tourism visas. Some may even give you an annual tourist visa instead of individual trip visas.

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The next time you plan on traveling, make sure you are informed about the different types of visas! Make sure to check out more tips here.

What is a B1/B2 visa?

c21 visa processing time

A non-immigrant visa (also called an immigrant or tourist visa) is a document that allows you to enter America for a specific reason, and with a limited time frame.

Most people who have a B1/B2 visa are traveling for business or for tourism. They will need to fill out more detailed forms of proof, such as a passport, job documents, and hotel confirmation receipts, but they will not require any medical documentation.

However, even if you do not have much time before your trip, there is still something you can do to help ensure that you do not get denied entry into the United States!

We have gathered some tips here to make sure that your visas are processed quickly so you do not have to wait in a foreign country while you are trying to find a new home back in the US.