Birthdays of Famous People

By Tiara

February is one of the most popular months for famous birthdays, with many celebrities having their own special day dedicated to them. Some have an anniversary celebration, some celebrate at the beginning or end of a season, and some just enjoy celebrating without any reason!

Many people associate these celebrity birthday celebrations with finding out what month they are in their lives, but there’s more to it than that. Sometimes, we can learn something about a person from how they celebrate their birthday!

It may be because they like sweets, so someone puts together a cake and presents them with it. It could be because they’re hungry, so they eat whatever food they can get your hands on (or maybe even make their own meal!). Or perhaps they’ve been working hard all week long, so they treat themselves to a night off!

These types of celebrations tell you who this person is, and whether or not they work hard enough depends on if you’d believe them. They might seem like they don’t care about much other than eating and sleeping, but behind those closed doors, they’re doing everything they can to succeed in life.

There will always be a human element to what makes someone famous, and how well you know him/her is a way to determine that. This article will talk more about the different ways famous people celebrate their birthdays, as well as why they do it.

Pablo Picasso

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Born in 1884 in Malaga, Spain, Pablo de los Mercaderes Ruiz y Arteaga was known for his bold use of color, shapes, and figures. He is considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. His artistic style ranged from realistic to impressionistic painting, sculpture, graphic design, and music.

Picasso’s famous paintings include Guernica (1937), The Old Man And The Sea (1950), and Les Femmes d'Alger (1945). Many other works feature geometric or patterned designs such as Reunion (1954) and Still Life With Apple (1960).

His musical career began with singing and playing guitar at an early age before switching to violin. He then experimented with different styles including classical, jazz, tango, and flamenco. Some of his best-known pieces are called “masterpieces” due to their influence on later artists. These include Les Demoiselles D’Avignon (1907) and Nude In Front Of A Window (c. 1901–02).

Michael Jackson

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Born in 1958, singer/songwriter Michael Joseph Jackson was born into an extremely wealthy family. He had three older brothers who were all very close to his parents. His father was a doctor and musician while his mother comes from a prominent music-producing family.

He grew up listening to music constantly with his parents. They made sure he understood that making good money was not easy, but if you work hard and believe in yourself, it will happen.

Michael always wanted to be famous, so at a young age he started performing for large groups of people. At just five years old, he would put on shows for other kids at his school by singing and dancing.

It is said that as a child, he could tell what kind of song or dance someone needed to learn by how they moved their feet. This talent helped him become one of the best dancers of his time.

He learned ballet when he was eight years old and majored in dance professionally before dropping out to focus fully on music. He later received training in several styles such as hip hop, street dance, and rhythm dance.

From the ages of thirteen to twenty seven, he did not take a break from anything except learning how to swim. During this time, he still maintained a busy schedule which included filming and promoting his songs and videos.

Abraham Lincoln

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On February 12, 1809, Abraham Lincoln was born in Kilbourne, Kentucky. He would go onto have an illustrious career that spanned over twenty-two years as president of the United States!

He is most well known for signing the Emancipation Proclamation which ended slavery in America. Many consider this to be his greatest accomplishment as President.

After graduating high school, he left home to pursue various opportunities. It took him five attempts before he found success, but he eventually did with the help of one of his uncles who hired him to work at a law firm in Springfield, Illinois.

Here he met another lawyer named William H. Herndon who became his close friend and mentor. Both played important roles in helping shaped his political beliefs and self-confidence as a young man.

His early life
intensely influenced his later career so it is worth taking some time to learn more about him. You can start here by looking up his birth date, age, and family members. Then do some research on his childhood, education, and career.

Vladimir Putin

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On this day in history, we celebrate the birthday of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He is the longest serving president for Russia today, having been sworn into position back in 2000. Before assuming his current role, he was an obscure regional politician with little recognition.

He began to rise up through the ranks after leading the successful pro-Russian separatist rebellion in Chechnya during the late 1990s. Following his victory, he rose from mayor of Moscow to governor then eventually vice prime minister before being elected as president.

Since taking office he has solidified power by appointing loyal allies to high positions across government. These include ministers, top officials at state run corporations, chairmen of influential committees and/or boards, and other powerful individuals who make it easier to promote his own person.

His ascent to power was not without controversy however. An undercurrent of discontent against him exists which he does not seem to tolerate for long. Rumors have persisted throughout his presidency that he has either already or will soon launch a military coup to take control of Russia.

Such claims are completely false but they show how much people distrust him. Many believe he will one day lead a violent overthrow so those working for him need to be careful about what they say and do. This makes it difficult to work efficiently because you never know when your statement or action could cost you your job.

People also accuse him of using brute force to maintain power but none ever prove their case convincingly.

Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein is one of the most famous people in history. He was an incredible mathematician, physicist, astronomer, and philosopher who changed how we perceive our universe. He also influenced how we view life and death, time and space, and perception of reality.

On March 14th, 1879, Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany. He grew up with his brother Arnold and sister Liesebeth and lived with his parents until he was 16 years old.

His father was a professor at the University of Bern and later became headmaster at a private school where Albert attended high school. His mother came from a wealthy family and raised her sons to be well-educated and rich.

He studied physics at the University of Zurich and then continued graduate studies at the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) in Zürich. While studying there, he received his doctorate degree in theoretical physics in 1905.

After graduation, he worked as a research scientist for two years before being offered a position teaching special relativity theory at the University of Berlin. In 1907, he accepted this position and remained there for five years.

In 1912, he moved back to Switzerland to take a position teaching philosophy and mathematics at the ETH. It wasn’t long before he made a name for himself and was considered one of Europe’s top intellectuals.

From 1915 to 1919, he served in World War I as a lieutenant colonel.

Winston Churchill

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On April 30, 1874, Sir William Johnson Gommandier, 2nd Baronet was born in Bloomsbury, London. He would go on to have an illustrious career that spanned over 60 years as both politician and statesman.
He started his professional life working for a newspaper before being appointed editor of The Times, one of Britain’s most prestigious newspapers.

As politicians, he worked across the political spectrum from Tory (traditionalist) through Labour (the working class) and Liberal (open market). As a war leader, he rallied support for military action against Germany during World War II.

But it is as a wartime Prime Minister that he is best remembered. During this time, he led the country out of its doldrums and into victory with his famous rallying cries like “We shall fight them on the beaches” and “Never surrender!”

He also played a key role in developing new weapons and strategies which helped win the conflict. In fact, many of these are still used in warfare today.

Bruce Lee

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Born Li Mu-seung, February 20th, 1964, in Seattle, Washington, Bruce Douglas McCloud was born to immigrant parents from China and Korea. His father worked as an engineer for Boeing while his mother was active in various charities and community organizations.

He had two older brothers who were four years apart, making him the youngest of five children. When he was eight years old, his family moved back to their native South Korea where he grew up speaking Korean at home.

It was there that he first learned martial arts. At age 14, he began studying Tang Soo Do under Grandmaster Dong Yun Kim and later Kung Fu under Master Han Hee Park. Two years later, he made his professional debut in karate competing against students three times his age!

In 1982, just 19 years old, he won gold medals at both the Junior World Championships and Senior World Championships (the latter being olympic level). A year later, he became the first person ever to win gold at both worlds simultaneously, taking down competitors twice his weight!

Sadly, this incredible career was cut short when he died due to cardiac arrest caused by a workout accident. He would go onto have a movie and TV show named after himself before passing away in 2003.

Since then, many have carried on his legacy through either direct imitation or inspiration, most notably with his famous move called the “kneel” which we now know as the crane kick.

Steve Jobs

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Apple co-founder, entrepreneur, designer, and CEO Steve Jobs was born December 24th 1955 in San Francisco, California. He is widely regarded as one of the main contributors to the modern computer era.

Jobs’s first product was an experimental digital board he designed himself while studying electrical engineering at Stanford University. He called it the “Apple I” because his sister saw the resemblance between the shape of the case and that of the fruit apple. It had six chips and could be programmed using a cassette tape.

He took the device to nearby Byte Shop where owner Mike Markula helped him market and sell them. Many more were sold through the help of another investor who allowed Jobs to use their warehouse space to manufacture the devices.

His next project was designing personal computers for average users. This included developing software such as Finder, which allows people to access files, apps, and folders. The Macintosh also featured graphical user interfaces (GUIs) which allowed users to perform tasks easily and quickly.

These features gave Mac owners easy ways to organize information and do things like create documents, surf the web, and watch videos. Since then, they have been used by many generations!

In 1996, Jobs returned as company president but remained involved with design and marketing until his death in October 2011. Although he stepped down as chief executive officer (CEO), he stayed on as chairman of the board until just before his passing.