BEST Ways to Promote Yourself as a Hairstylist

By Tiara Ogabang

Of all the professions out there, few carry as much weight as the hairdresser. Not only are we trusted with people's hair, but we are trusted with their confidence. A great hairstylist can instantly enhance your personality and style, leaving you looking and feeling like a star.

But, as with any career, to keep yourself growing and expanding, you have to promote yourself. What's more, this doesn't mean you need to have some life-changing, money-making skill or sign a contract with a corporate salon.

Your personal brand as a hairstylist is about you, your creativity, your looks and your way of being. What you put into it, will all come out in the reflection.

So, whether you are a fresh graduate or a seasoned industry professional, use these simple and fun tips to help you spread your awesomeness to all corners of the planet.


At some point in your career, you will have to start up a new business and learn how to promote yourself. You probably already know that word-of-mouth is the best way to get a client. But do you know how to use that to your advantage?

Create a Clear Portfolio


Of course, you have your business card, but have you done much to make it memorable? It's time to create a portfolio of your skills.

Take high quality pictures of you and your clients whose hairstyles you are most proud of. Create an online portfolio and continually update it!

Have a Blog

You may have some photos on your website. Maybe you've uploaded a lot of hairstyles in a notebook and made the design pretty.

Create a more professional looking website and get creative with your blog.

Get Your Face in a Magazine

Get Your Face in a Magazine

Many designers don't know much about hairdressing, so they create images that have nothing to do with hairstyles. Have you ever seen these? Perhaps the most famous is the one with "badass chicks".

It's a great example of how to create images that don't really represent the subject of the image. We want to see you in a magazine. This can be done in many ways. But one great way to get your face in a magazine is to submit your work for an upcoming issue. Here's how you can get your work seen.

If you would like to use PR (public relations) to help magazines notice you, visit our website for more information!

Attend Trade Shows

If you have an in-store presence or a kiosk, attend trade shows and take photos of all the new products on display. Buy a set of products that look good in your work. You don't need a car, so you can set up shop anywhere.

Print a flyer that includes your info, the products you like, and a coupon that you can hand out.

Submit Articles to Publications

Writing articles is a great way to give people a preview of your talents.

Many magazines, like Hair Inc., feature articles submitted by their readers. Here's an article that can help your business.

Create a Social Network for Professionals

If you're at a trade show, it may be difficult to get to know people because there are too many people there. Set up a private social network to share knowledge. It can include a forum, group sharing, or an email newsletter.

If you are a real expert on the topic, share it. There is a great site for creating social networks for professionals called expert connect.

Create a Training Course

Do you have the potential to run your own salon? Perhaps your experience in the industry is the basis of a training course. Create a simple handout that highlights your strengths and the skills that you can teach a newbie hairdresser.

If you are creative, go to a printing place and make a professionally designed brochure.

Make Clients Come Back

Many people who work in the salon are at their best when they have repeat customers.

Have a loyalty card that is only good at your salon, and get to know people well enough that they bring their friends. Once you get a client that will bring a friend, you've got a friend for life.

Befriend Other Salon Owners

The people you work with are going to become your best friends if you don't already have them.

Establish yourself as a leader in the industry by learning how the people in your salon operate. Meet with others and make friends. Here's how you can get started.

Be Professional

We are not talking about if you had a client that you were not very pleasant to.

Professionalism is about more than just a pleasant attitude. It means following the rules, paying attention to detail, making sure your work is up to date, and more.

Offer a Team-Based Experience

Work can get stressful, but having a great team that you can rely on makes it better.

Offer incentives for your team. For example, you can offer a group lunch or a special spa day for your employees. If they are good, the clients will come to you. You're the expert.

Team Up

Many salons are owned by couples or families, and they get along well because they understand each other.

Make it a good experience for everyone in your team. It can be a small service upgrade here and there or an occasional massage or treatment for everyone on your team. It's a great way to bond and make your team stronger.