Best Way to Promote Yourself on Instagram

By Tiara Ogabang

To increase the exposure of your business, social media is really the best option. People are looking for authentic products, and your Instagram account is perfect for that.

A lot of businesses have started a social media account to promote themselves, but sometimes the results are disappointing. In this article, we will show you how to promote your business on Instagram with 10 easy tips.

We are going to give you 10 tips on how to promote yourself on Instagram. Follow all these techniques to improve your Instagram account and get more followers and likes.

Don't try to make it an instant success, keep using these strategies to help you succeed.

1. Use hashtags


You should use hashtags at the end of every caption. You can use a hashtag that means something to you and your location. For example, use #lovefollowsabroad to follow people who follow their travel stories.

Hashtags are used by Instagram to search for photos and accounts. Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post, so use them wisely!

I would use a combination of common ones, like:

  • #bestoninstagram
  • #foodporn
  • #picofmydog
  • #photography

But also more uncommon ones are helpful to. You can see how many posts have been under a hashtag. Put a couple that have around 1,000-10,000 posts, as opposed to 100,000 - a million.

Share posts with the right caption. Just write your customer’s name and the hashtag in the caption. To make it better, use Instagram language. It will make the text look professional.

2. Create your own hashtags

You are creating a brand, so why not create a buzz around it?

Start using your own brand or logo slogan in hashtags.

Ask your followers for their input, ask them to follow hashtags around your brand. Ask them to share your hashtag!

3. Include a phone number and website in your bio

If you have an Instagram account with just one post, make sure to add a website in the bio.

You get one link you can add to your profile — so make use of it!

4. Add pictures of you and your friends

It's easy to go on Instagram and see photos of food. These pictures and food might be very popular. But what if you want to get more followers and likes? That's why you have to share images of you and your friends.

Use hashtags that match your location.

5. Don't be boring

Some people might think that there is no way to gain followers on Instagram.

But it is not true. People don't follow people that are boring. It's obvious to everyone that likes are here to post photos of food.

So, it is very important to post pictures of you and your friends having a party, having a barbecue, eating food, playing a board game and many other interesting things.

6. Create unique content


Use unique content. If you post pictures of the same food every day, people might get bored. But if you post pictures of food from different restaurants, people might start following you.

Use different pictures and upload them on different days and times. Keep these pictures going for at least 2 to 3 days. You can also try uploading new photos every day.

7. Make your Instagram account mobile-friendly

The photos and accounts from Instagram should be mobile friendly.

This means if you post a video, make sure it is not widescreen!

The exception to this is IGTV which does allow users to spin around their phone and watch something in landscape.

8. Post photos regularly

If you want people to follow you, then you should post interesting content.

However, you need to post something new in order for people to follow you. It means that you should post something at least every day.

9. Avoid too many photos

The reason why people hate the following accounts is that they follow too many accounts.

Some accounts might even post the same photos every day. They might become boring and annoying. So, if you want to attract people, then avoid posting pictures that are too many.

10. Re-post others photos

If you are mentioned in other's stories you can repost them on your channel!

This is great way to create buzz and show people that people are talking about you.

You can also use a repost app to repost photos if Instagram doesn't give you the option.

11. Promote your posts

To make the best use of your posts, you must promote your posts.

A social media network such as Instagram is a great way for you to promote your business since they give you the option.

Promote your posts that get the most organic engagement! Sometimes you don't know which one of your posts are going to pop off, so go with what your audience has liked the most.

12. Get public relations to work on spreading your message

A public relations professional knows how to pitch your account to their list of contacts in the media and get articles written about them.

Organic coverage is the best way to increase your SEO around the net and it is also the best way to put yourself in front of an audience that is already engaged.

Our company works with artists, brands and models to get them coverage in online magazines with over 10,000-100,000 views per month.