Best Way To Promote Your Music In Nigeria

By Tiara Ogabang

When you hear the words music promo in Nigeria, it is widespread to hear people in the commercial world. Companies or people are always available to help promote your music and get you more airplay.

Below are the best ways to promote your music.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is an amazing way to spread your message and build a better audience for your music. You need to find people willing to listen to your music and start building a relationship with them.

It would help if you showed them that you are an artist who is doing a good job and an artist who wants to build a fan base for your music.

Social media awareness

Social media awareness

We have seen people with amazing talents in Nigeria going broke because they never knew how to market their music. Don’t let this happen to you.

Learn how to use social media in promotion for your music. It would help if you learned how to post to gain more followers and get more fans for your music.

You have to know how to engage your fans on social media and YouTube to spread your music's message. It is effortless to do if you know how to.

Also, have an active presence on social media where your fans can get to you easily. This will allow you to get new fans and also engage your followers on social media as well.

Partner with agencies

A lot of people have no clue about how to market their music. Don’t let this happen to you.

You can partner with an agency or company that has experience in the field of music promotion. They have the resources and have the connections to promote your music to a larger audience.

They can also market it for you to get more fans. You can also get artists or singers to work on your music.

They can help you spread the word of your music in exchange for a percentage of the revenue you get from the project. This way, you are also getting some creative inputs.

Book a tour to promote your music

You can book a tour for your music and make it a tour and performance for your fans. You can do a 3–4 city tour, and you will be able to share your music with more people.

You can also make it a few days tours and stay at a hotel where your fans can come and also enjoy your performances. This way, you can also do a little traveling and explore some local tourist attractions.

Post about your music on social media

Post about your music on social media

You need to post about your music to get more followers for your music. You can do it either on your social media pages or write articles for your social media page and promote your music there.

You can also record a video about your song and put it on your Instagram page.

Get other artists to promote your music.

You can also do this. You can get other artists to promote your music for you.

You can meet up with artists and start working with them to promote your music. If they like your music and want to promote it for you, then do the same thing to them and make them do the same.

This way, you both will benefit from this partnership.


People often forget the power of music to grab the attention of people who do not pay much attention to it, but people will listen if one makes good music. Some of the greatest artists on earth do not even have massive record sales and still sold-out concerts.

It is a fact that people hardly like what they hear. Therefore, your music has to be very good and impactful to many people to become popular.

People want to listen to your music and connect with the artist behind the music. The content has to be thought-provoking.

Sometimes the best way to break your silence is to let your music break your silence. The best way to make a song popular in Nigeria is to make sure popular Nigerian artists remix it.

In this way, you build your profile and connect with the right audience. Nigerian artists would never be able to engage people in meaningful conversation over their content if the music is not relatable to the Nigerian listener.

For example, I used to remix a song that my friend and artist, Simi, did for me. In that remix, I used a popular high-life genre in Nigeria, which is very comfortable for Nigerians.

To this day, that song, 'Seomo' remix, still gets played in clubs. Many international artists can make wonderful songs, but people will no longer want to sleep when a Nigerian artist remixes them because they are in their own language and are easy to relate to.

We just had an artiste called Sarkodie, who decided to put in the entire Yoruba language in one of his remixes. This way, the artist has developed a huge fan base and can carry on the tradition of promoting Nigerian music abroad.