BEST Sites to Promote Music Videos

By Tiara Ogabang

Why promote your music video?

Videos are used for advertising and advertising can mean different things to different people. Some people are interested in the creation of videos that are free of charge for use by others (such as trade shows). Other people prefer the kind of videos that are created for promotion (such as free music videos).

Proper advertising is the key to the success of a music video. If your music video lacks a proper budget for advertising, you may as well write it off as a failure.

Fortunately, there are dozens of sites online which help musicians promote their music video, and each has its pros and cons. Since there is no set method for marketing your music video on the Internet, there is no “one size fits all” solution.

However, let's take a step back first.

Have you done all the necessary marketing steps in the creation of your content BEFORE promotion?

BETTER ways of promoting your video

BETTER ways of promoting your video

Many people think you can just upload your video, maybe throw some dollars at promoting it... and voila?

This is not the best way to promote your video, and actually much of the process takes place before you start marketing it.

What is this video for

-For example, if the video you want to promote is about your upcoming tour, create a video that explains how to prepare for the tour, where the tour will be taking place, and what the concert will feel like when a fan comes to your the concert.

-Or, if this is a very expensive and fun music video why not promote it by creating a trailer or series of trailers, the way videos are often promoted on the internet. Or you could create a series of videos that explain in detail the story behind the music video.

-Or it could also be a good idea to create a few videos that make funny jokes about the subject of the music video. A straight-up parody of the video to show you are not taking yourself too seriously.

There are many different approaches but you should have thought thoroughly about this before you release because after all that’s what the video is for: promotion and marketing.

Do you have an album you are trying to sell? Make sure that is at the end of the video with a link in the description!

Upload your video to YouTube first

If you want to promote your video in a non-intrusive way, then the way to do that is to promote it on websites that have millions of users. You can promote the video on YouTube and set it to unlisted so you can share it with bloggers or PR representatives before you officially release it.

Finally, if you need to promote your music video with a logo on the video, that is the way to do it. The logo will appear on top of the video and on the site. This way, people will get a chance to know your band, too. This is the kind of video marketing that really works.

Sites to promote your music

Sites to promote your music

Promo Panda

Promo Panda is not just a video promoting site, it is a complete digital PR tool that makes getting great press in high ranking publications as easy as pie.

What Promo Panda does is analyze your information and pairs you with the blog that best fits your needs. We offer interviews and feature articles in blogs that get 10,000-100,000 views per month!

Furthermore, the articles are search engine optimized (ensuring that people will see you) and superbly written (ensuring an ACTUAL third-party endorsement—which is different from advertising).

All in all, this is a way better than just putting your video as an advertisement on a website. Read more about the differences between PR and advertising here.


How does it work?

To promote your music video online, you simply fill out an online form and send it to them. You create your campaign and let them put their video on a website of their choosing.


Sprizzy is a promotion service that promotes your music via YouTube algorithms. You upload your music video to them and they promote it via their knowledge of promoting things through YouTube algorithms.

Technically you can do this promotion on your own, however there is a smarter way of doing it and Sprizzy knows how to operate YouTube ads well.


YouTube is a great option for music promotion, but it also has a few downsides.

YouTube will cut the money you make off your music after paying a fee, this means that for every 500 views your video will be paid out only $1. If your video gets 500,000 views, then YouTube will pay you back only $1,000. That’s not a lot of money at all!

YouTube has its pros and cons, but if you really want to make money with your music then you have to really have a successful video. And probably multiple videos.

YouTube Channels

If you are just interested in getting seen, you can reach out to someone who has a popular YouTube channel and ask them to share your video on their channel.

No, you won't see any of the royalties if it goes viral, but if you are just starting out and looking for an audience it's a great way to get an engaged audience to listen to your music!


Another way you can spread the word about your release is if you are releasing it with a blog or another artist they can help contribute to the marketing by sharing it on their social media channels or help paying for advertising or PR.

Music promotion takes a lot of creativity, diligence, and some investment, but in the end, it's so worth it to see others engaging with your music in a positive way!