BEST Hashtags to Promote Music on Instagram

By Tiara Ogabang

If you're on Instagram, it's probably fair to assume that you're looking for hashtags to boost your post reach and follower numbers. #Music, #sponsored or #viral are common, but they are not exactly music-specific and are probably oversaturated.

Social media is an enormous presence in our daily lives. It's not going anywhere and most people use it to follow brands, celebrities, celebrities or to share images of their lives. Instagram is one of the biggest platforms that drives that traffic, and it's definitely taking over Facebook, which is now significantly trailing behind.

Why are hashtags useful?

As the most popular social media platform, Instagram is an ideal place to discover new brands and people.

Since it doesn’t matter if someone is already following you, it makes it very easy to stay connected and discover new followers without having to spend a lot of time searching for new people.

The most effective way to get new followers is to share great content. When you share great content, it’s an instant way to get a message out to a lot of people.

Instagram hashtags are important for your posts, videos, and photos. However, they may not be the most well-known feature on Instagram. Even though they are not well-known, it’s hard to ignore how Instagram hashtags can boost your business.

Below are three reasons why Instagram hashtags are useful for your business:

#1) Make it easy to find people who like your content

Make it easy to find people who like your content

Hashtags are great for people looking to find people with similar interests. For example, if you post a photo of your truck and post a caption that reads “Forklift by @truetruewerks” people who like trucks or work for trucks will search for hashtags related to trucks and discover your post.

If you were selling skirts or sneakers, then hashtags such as #fashion or #sneakers would be effective, too.

To get more exposure and reach more people, you can use hashtags for your Instagram posts. By using hashtags, you can potentially reach a wider audience without having to spend a lot of time searching for people with similar interests.

#2) Expand your search to people who like what you like

You can also use hashtags to expand your search to people who like what you like. For example, if you’re a pizza shop owner, you can search #pizza to find content related to pizza. However, if you’re looking to increase the number of people following you on Instagram, then it might be a better idea to search for hashtags related to what you like.

You can search for hashtags related to your business, in your industry or other topics you are interested in. This way, you can engage with people who already follow you, and you can increase your follower count.

Hashtags are also good for people who are looking to get creative with the hashtags on their posts. For example, if you’re a producer and you post a photo of your studio with a hashtag, you can increase the exposure for your post.

You can get more engagement from people who see your awesome beautiful studio trending on Instagram.

#3) Increase your dose of followers without spending a lot of time marketing

Now that you know why hashtags are useful, it’s time to learn how to use them.

Here are the Top 20 hashtags that people are using to promote music on Instagram.

  1. #musicproducer
  2. #singer
  3. #hiphop
  4. #musicmotivation
  5. #motivation
  6. #ProducerLife
  7. #TrapBeats
  8. #FLstudiogang
  9. #Producer
  10. #MusicProducer
  11. #producerpush
  12. #protools
  13. #logicpro
  14. #musicproducers
  15. #musicproduction
  16. #producerlife
  17. #producerlifestyle
  18. #studioporn
  19. #audiogearz
  20. #homestudio

#3) Try using unique hashtags

Try using unique hashtags

Yes, many people are having a lot of luck with these hashtags above, however, if you a small-time musician you might have trouble breaking through the mold with something like #music.

It’s a better idea to use popular search terms that describe your music or style as a hashtag. For example, if you are a beatmaker or producer you might want to use something like #trapbeats or #hardcoretechno in order to fit your genre and get better engagement in your posts.

#4) Don’t be afraid to have fun with hashtags.

Find out what other people are doing on Instagram, and get ideas from them!

The point of hashtags originally was to make it easier for people to find you, but you don't have to go by that logic all the time. Sometimes a #dopebeat or #ohyeah will do the job just fine.

#5) Do not use too many hashtags on one post

There’s a huge rule that you’re going to have to be very careful with when you’re using hashtags: you cannot have more than 30 hashtags in your profile.

So choose carefully!

#6) Consider who your audience is

One final point to make about hashtags is to think about who your audience is. You might have a specific audience of music lovers who love checking out home studios or hearing guitar solos, so cater to them!

You want to find out exactly who your audience is so you can figure out how you can appeal to them.

Also, you don’t have to use hashtags in all of your posts, even if you’re trying to attract followers. Remember that content is king, so a post could still blow up if people share it and tag your account in it.

You can still use hashtags to set up hashtags, but make sure that you use them wisely.