Become Famous On Soundcloud

By Promo Panda Staff

This article will discuss how to become famous on Soundcloud. If you follow the instructions carefully, you will soon be famous and easily play songs on it.

Sign up for Soundcloud

In most countries, you need to register with Soundcloud before uploading music. If you don’t register, you will be put on an obscure page that no one will look at.

To register, all you have to do is visit their registration page and click “Enroll.”

Then you can choose your own username to upload your music under.

Now, create your Soundcloud account by clicking “Create Your Account” and entering your username, password, and email address.

So, here you go! You have successfully registered with Soundcloud!

Now you need to upload your music!

Upload your music on Soundcloud

Upload your music on Soundcloud

When you have registered with Soundcloud, they allow you to upload your music.

Upload directly to your profile. Go to the top of the page, where you will see a box on the right side.

Click on the “upload directly” button in the box. Create a public playlist.

The bottom of the page has a large box where you can add music to a publicly viewable playlist. The number of songs in a playlist depends on the number of people who have contributed to it.

Upload directly to a friend’s profile. The option for this is located on the right of your friend's list.

When you click on it, you will see a field for your friend to invite you to their profile. Click on “Invite to Friend.”

If you are a new user, they will add you as a friend and send you a link to your music on their profile. At the bottom of the page, you will see a box for your friends.

Click on “Invite Friends.” Your friend will invite you to their profile. Once you are invited, you will have access to the playlist.

For more information on uploading your music on Soundcloud, you can read the official website.

The order in which your songs are uploaded

What will the order be for your uploaded songs? There are no guarantees about this, but I will tell you what I did when I uploaded my music.

After I registered with Soundcloud, I created a “Playlist” playlist on my profile. Then I uploaded all my songs at the same time.

I had 7 songs in my playlist, and they all were at the same level of quality (roughly 0.3 to 0.5 stars).

The album art and thumbnails were not shown until the second album was uploaded, and I only uploaded two songs at a time.

This is a terrible way to do it, and I do not recommend doing it. However, for the sake of having it all at once, it is better than uploading one song at a time.

For a better way of uploading your music, I suggest following these steps:

Upload a song for free. Then upload the remaining songs in the order that they were uploaded on the first album.

You can go back to the “Set Up Your Playlist” page to ensure that the songs are in the correct order. Create a new album by choosing a cover photo for your album, choosing a title for your album, and adding your favorite album art.

Upload your first album. Upload the remaining two albums (or the whole album if you prefer).

Then, wait for all the songs in your album to get higher ratings. If the album gets a high enough rating, you will get the album artwork and thumbnails before anyone else does.

When the album art and thumbnails are uploaded, go to your “Details” page, and add all of the album art and thumbnails you have for your album. This is your album art, and this is your thumbnails.

The album art and thumbnails are important because they make your album artwork more interesting, and the people who view your profile will be more likely to listen to your music.

Add your favorite song to the iTunes store.

All of your music is on Soundcloud. The next step is to get it on iTunes.

To do this, all you have to do is go to iTunes and select “Purchased” from the menu. (In the example below, this is the purchase link.)

Once you hit “Purchased,” you will be brought to your iTunes account, where you will be able to see all of your purchased songs. You will also see an option to “View Downloaded.”

There is a big red button that says “View Downloaded,” so click it.

This will bring you to a page where you can add the song you just downloaded to your library.

Before you click “Add to My Library,” I recommend that you read this.

The official iTunes website has a good explanation of how to add songs to your library. Please note, however, that it does not tell you what to do if you do not want to add the song.

I would strongly suggest that you only add the songs that you like to your library. Otherwise, you might be hurting your ability to see more music on Soundcloud, which could hinder your success.

By only adding songs that you like, you will be able to listen to all of the music on Soundcloud without feeling as though you are missing out on anything.

In the end, your Soundcloud account is about listening to other people’s music. If you do not like the music that other people are sharing, you need not worry about it.

Don’t just go looking for the next song that everyone is liking!

I have found that the most common song that people seem to like is not always the one that I like. For instance, a song by Tove Lo is a huge hit on Soundcloud. However, there are two songs by her that I like that have not gotten nearly as many likes as her other songs.

However, she is an extremely talented artist, and I find her music to be very entertaining.

I went to her Soundcloud profile and listened to the two songs that I like, and then I added them to my library. I did not need to search for the next Tove Lo song to add to my library.

You can do the same! It is essential to listen to music that you do not like because it helps you learn to distinguish what music you do like from what you do not like.

In the end, your best friend is your library of music!


Even though every creator can become famous on the platform, the most popular has always been contests. To start, submit your video, and give it a title of all different sizes.

That’s important for the Soundcloud creator because it will encourage the most creators, and thus, the most likes, dislikes, comments, and more views. The contests will work exactly like the rankings because competitions can help you raise the charts quickly.

As for what you can submit, you can submit as many videos as you want, but only once every month. The point is to get more views, and more views, you’ll raise the charts.

Once you get lots of views, the competitions will promote you. This is how you can become famous on Soundcloud.

You don’t have to upload your movie's video; just one video will make you famous.

You can create contests with as many competitors as you like. The more the competition, the higher your chances of getting the prize.

Some of the best contests can be discovered by many other creators and become famous on the platform. This is why winning the prize can be a huge break for you.



Soundcloud has lots of workshops available for creators. Many different workshops will help you start your own YouTube channel and use it to make more views.

The workshops will also help you to become popular.

These workshops are like contests. Some mini-contests usually have between 10 and 50 contestants.

Some workshops have up to 1000 participants.


Soundcloud has lots of meetup groups available for their creators. They have workshops as well, but they are specifically for their creators.

These workshops help you find other creators and go to conventions.

These meetups can be like the other workshops because they are specifically for the creator. Meeting new people can be a really great thing for creators.

The events are, of course, more valuable because you can learn more about meeting other people, getting free gear, and even gain the followers you need.

The events are elementary to participate in. The events will allow you to either record your own one-on-one interview or learn from a professional, a famous creator.

The creators will then share their knowledge, and your growth can be much quicker.


This is something I haven’t really done yet, but I’m going to.

Advertising isn’t easy, but you can use the Soundcloud advertising program to monetize your videos. You can use the dashboard to see how many views your videos have and how much money you made from advertising.

My advice to you is that you are not going to make money straight away. However, if you advertise successfully, you’ll start to make more than what you used to.

Cheering campaigns

Soundcloud allows you to create a series of cheering campaigns.

Each of the campaigns will offer a specific prize, and each one of the campaigns will have a different audience. The audiences will be chosen based on a time period, so everyone is eligible for the prizes.

You can create as many cheer campaigns as you want, but only one campaign every month, and the prizes will be different every month.

To compete, you need to gain as many clicks to your video as possible. The audience for your cheering campaigns will be selected based on the videos you’ve made on the site before.

I’ve never done this myself, but I heard some great things about it.

Product reviews

Soundcloud has a tool that will allow you to create product reviews or reviews of other creators' work. You can review specific items or review entire products.

The reviews will be valuable for you. It will help you gain more views and help you gain followers, fans, and subscribers.

You can search for videos to review, and you can upload them to gain more views and subscribers.

Sound clouds

Sound clouds

Soundcloud has tons of features that will help you grow your fanbase. For example, you can use the Soundcloud features to create different types of contests.

You can create polls and ask questions to your audience.

You can also create Soundcloud “calendars.”

These “calendars” will allow you to post a new video to your channel every day. The videos will usually feature a top music artist or a popular creator.

The goal is to gain more followers and viewers.

Musical videos

Soundcloud has an editor that will let you edit your musical videos. The editor will make your videos look much better.

You can also upload it on YouTube and embed the video. This will help you gain even more views.

Throwback videos

Soundcloud has a tool that will allow you to add a musical mashup into your videos.

The creator will add the audio from an old video. You can add the video that you want on top of the audio.

This is a great tool to use if you want to show the evolution of your work. For example, you could show how far you’ve come since your first music video.


Using is a good idea, but you will gain access to lots more potential viewers using the Soundcloud product.

Not only will they see your videos, but they can also subscribe to your YouTube channel.

You can use the YouTube video login feature to login into your YouTube account. Then you will be able to create new content, and people will be able to watch it on your YouTube channel and watch your videos.

Build an audience

To get lots of views, you need to build an audience. And that’s exactly what Soundcloud does for you.

You can sign up and give a message. You’ll be directed to their messaging system.

You can also start creating videos. Once your videos are up, you can add them to your channel.

The videos will get a lot of views and a lot of comments.