B2 Visa Interview

By Tiara

A business trip or vacation can easily turn into an expensive affair if you don’t plan properly. Finance departments will likely ask about your plans after they do their due diligence checks, which could scare you since traveling is usually not cheap!

Luckily for you, we have compiled some information to help make this process easier for you. We will talk about what things must be confirmed before leaving the country so that it doesn’t cost you anything extra, how to prepare for your visa interview, and important tips.

Know your company

b2 visa interview

Many companies require at least a brief phone call or meeting with their top leadership to verify that you have business connections before granting you a visa. This is not only important for ensuring you are able to fulfill your job obligations while in the country, but also goes into determining whether or not you will be allowed to stay in America once you do!

It’s extremely difficult to fake relationships if you don’t know who people are outside of work, so make sure you are prepared by looking up information about the company ahead of time. Don’t just look up general info like “Company Name,” and “Visa Requirements,” because those can be faked easily.

Look up specifics such as how many employees they currently have, what departments there are, and anything else related to their position. Also search online for reviews and talk about the company to get more insight.

Prepare your list of questions

b2 visa interview

After arriving at the destination, you will be picked up by an ambassador or recruiter who will take you to meet with the visa officer. During this meeting, the official may ask about your plans for the coming months, whether you have enough money to support yourself while here, and/or if you have a job waiting back home.

They may also ask about any criminal records you may have or anything else that may impact your ability to stay in the country. This includes things such as drug use, robbery, and assault convictions.

If they find something suspicious, we cannot deny you visas so it is best to be honest! Keep in mind that if you lie to us, we can reject your application and return home without giving you another chance to apply.

Positive attitude

b2 visa interview

A few days before your visa interview, you should be in good mental shape. If you have been stressed out or angry about something, now is not the time to feel relaxed. You will need your best positive mood for this meeting!

Hopefully, you are already prepared with all of the necessary documents and information. Now it’s time to put together an appropriate preparation plan ahead of time.

You want to make sure that you are well rested and don’t have any heavy responsibilities scheduled for the day. Also, try to eat breakfast today and keep an eye on your nutrition so you aren’t hungry later. Your body will respond positively to such fundamentals.

Once again, do not forget this is only a casual meeting – there is no reason to get too worked up about it. Keep your tone calm and level-headed, and focus upon presenting yourself as a likeable person.

If possible, try to organize your preparations a couple of days in advance to ensure that you do not suddenly run short on material right at the last minute. This can easily be done via Google, YouTube, and other helpful resources.

Dress for success

b2 visa interview

After you have received your invitation, you will need to pick out some appropriate clothing for your b2 visa interview. You do not want to arrive unprepared or worse, in poor fashion!

It is best to dress comfortably but neatly. Try having lunch before the appointment so you can look relaxed and refresh after the trip there.

We recommend wearing closed-in black leather shoes or sneakers as well as either dark wash jeans or sweats that are easy to roll up. A nice long sleeve shirt with solid colors like blacks, grays, and blues would be professional looking.

A belt is helpful to hold up the pants of your choice and adds shape. If possible, bring an empty bag to pack all of your belongings in! This way you don’t have to worry about leaving anything back at home.

Stay positive

b2 visa interview

After all, even if you are not accepted into the United States as a resident for a short time, you can still enjoy your vacation while you're here!

Most people begin thinking about their visas once winter season arrives and spring is in full swing. Unfortunately, some visa holders cannot afford or do not have enough money to stay longer than six months so they must return home.

Fortunately, there are ways to prolong your visit if this happens. You may be able to apply for an extension online or through your consulate directly. Some countries also offer special visa programs that allow non-resident aliens to remain in the country longer than six months.

There are several reasons why it is important to maintain a level head during a visa interview. First, most interviews are held at government offices where there may not always be complete transparency of processes and procedures.

Second, many employers recruit individuals with work authorization already. If you lack this, you will need to prove that you have adequate means to support yourself while in the US. This could be more difficult than expected.

Eat your favorite food

b2 visa interview

Before you go into your visa interview, make sure you are well-fed! You do not want to be hungry as you await your chance to speak with a potential immigrant investor.

It is very difficult for someone who does not have access to money or credit cards to come in without investing in their own country. Therefore, they require you to invest in their country by giving you a business license, helping you run your company, and letting you stay there so that you can start your life here.

If you are eating before the interview, then you will probably not feel too good about yourself. If this happens, try having something light like chicken soup or grilled cheese sandwiches.

Tell them about yourself

b2 visa interview

A very important part of an international business visa is telling people about you. This can be done in several ways, but one of the most common is through a personal statement or affidavit.

This is where you tell someone why you are really applying for this visa and what your life will look like while you’re in the country. It can also include talking about your career so far and what you hope to achieve while in the country.

The second part is usually when you talk about living in the country and finding work there. You do not have to live in a certain area, but if you want to find employment, then that is helpful information for officials to know.

At the end of the affidavit, you should mention how long it took to write it and who helped you with it.

Be proactive

b2 visa interview

A lot of employers have a pre-set schedule for visa interviews, which is great as it cuts down on time needed to organize your visit! If possible, you should try to arrive early so that you can get settled in and refresh before the interview begins.

Some things you want to make sure you do ahead of time are:

Download all necessary documents – proof of income, proof of residence, passport photo

Make or update any social media accounts related to the company

Find out the best routes to work and what modes of transportation the employer offers

You don’t need much time to prepare for this meeting, but being prepared helps ensure that you're not wasting anyone's time!

Once again, good luck! We'll be watching the livestream here at CanWorkGlobal.com for your interview. We hope you've already booked your flight, and now you're just waiting for your visa.