B-3 Visa

By Tiara

Recent developments concerning President Trump’s immigration policy have many people talking about what it means for American citizens and non-citizens alike. One such topic is whether or not there are more visa restrictions in place than before, which has some questioning if America will ever be truly free.

Many worry that with every new executive order comes more difficult travel times to important locations like the United States. This could seriously hurt business relationships as well as tourist attractions and spending habits.

Luckily, there are ways to avoid traveling during this time! There are several different types of visas that don’t require you to live in the country when you use them. A lot of these can even be done from anywhere in the world, making it easy to stay safe while still experiencing major vacationing.

There are also other alternatives to visiting the U.S., like moving your destination or changing how frequently you visit. By staying at home, you prevent yourself from going out into public where exposure may occur, limiting your risk of being exposed to the virus.

This article will go over all of the various visa options and why they exist.

Who can get a B-3 visa?

A B-3 business visitor visa is given to individuals who will be traveling for less than two weeks in America or Canada. The duration of your visit must also be within 30 days, so it is not a long term trip like an employee tour.

Business visitors are not allowed to work while they are in the United States, so make sure you do not try to sneak through that information!

Some examples of what might qualify as a business visit include attending a conference, doing research, giving a talk, visiting a potential employer, etc.

If you are thinking about working during your stay, you may run into trouble. Even if you are only looking at job possibilities outside of North America, you could still face restrictions on entry.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to confirm that you do not need a visa before you travel. There are many ways to check this, but none are totally foolproof.

Talk to people around you, read reviews, and compare services.

How can I get a B-3 visa?

b3 visa

To qualify for a business trip or tourist visa, you must have a valid passport that is less than six months past your expiration date. Yours will likely expire in five to seven years! You also need to prove you have money to fund your stay here and return home.

It’s important to remember that if you overstay your visa, it could result in serious consequences — not only at home, but abroad as well.

What happens after I apply for a B-3 visa?

b3 visa

After you have completed all of your application materials, we send you an email to confirm that your documents are complete and valid. We also notify you when your documents have been received by our offices so you know if you should go back home or come in for your interview.

You will then receive either a fax or mail notification confirming that your visa has officially been issued! This is typically within one week of submitting your applications, but it can take up to two months depending on how quickly your country of origin processes visas.

Your passport must be valid for at least six (US Citizens) or twelve (all others) months from your departure date. We cannot accept expired passports as evidence of travel intentions outside of US territories or Canada.

What are my options once I get the B-3 visa?

b3 visa

Once you have received your B-3 visa, your next step is to find an appropriate place to stay. This can be done by either renting or buying a room or apartment in the United States.

It’s important to remember that even though staying at a friend’s house is easy, it may not be ideal for you. It could put too much pressure on them, and they might not want to keep you there if things don’t work out.

Likewise, while it is tempting to remain with friends or family members who offer their homes as shelter, this can also pose problems.

You will need to know where you would like to live, so it is best to make some basic preparations before you arrive in the country.

This includes looking into the local community centers, job seeking services, and health clinics in the area.

Can I get a visa if I want to travel to the USA?

b3 visa

If you have a valid passport, you are eligible for a US visitor’s visa if your stay in America is less than 90 days and you will be travelling as part of an organised tour group that includes a licensed educational institution or professional organisation.

If your visit is longer than this, it may still qualify you for a business visa but you would need to prove you have enough money to return home after your trip. More information about working while in the United States can be found at http://visitusa.gov/working-in-the-us/.

There is no minimum age requirement to apply for a US tourist visa, although children under 18 must have proof of their parents’ consent to enter the country as dependents.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a B-3 visa?

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Having a business trip in America requires an appropriate amount of paperwork, not to mention the costs! If you do not have enough proof that your business is legitimate, then part or all of your entry into the United States can be denied.

A Business Travel Document (also known as a B-1/B2 visa) does not require much documentation, but it will still give you issues if it is fake. A document with only your name on it may also be insufficient when trying to enter the United States due to overbooking.

In fact, most countries do not even ask about your job title because they assume you use it for purposes other than work. It is important to make sure your colleagues know who you are so people do not question your identity or employment status.

There is one more reason why having a business visa makes sense – cost. A small fee usually accompanies applying for a business visa, which is typically paid online. This way, you do not need to go into expensive overhead mode while traveling to pay additional money for visas.

What are the costs associated with a B-3 visa?

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There is an application fee for each individual to apply for the B-3 visa. This typically ranges from $100-$250, depending on how many documents you need to include in your application.

There is also an interview fee per person that applies for the B-3 visa. The cost of this varies greatly due to where it is held and by policy who gets paid what. We recommend talking to our immigration services about exact fees as they vary from embassy to embassy.

Additional documentation such as receipts and proof of health insurance will be required during the process which can incur additional fees. These are not included in the initial application or interview fees.