An Understanding Of The F3 Visa

By Tiara

What is an F-1 visa? An F-1 visa allows you to come to America for graduate school. You must have a valid passport, proof of funding for the program, and your student visa must be at least one year in length.

What is an F-2 visa? This type of visa is only use if you will be working while attending college here. Yours needs to be sponsored by a company or institution that wants to hire you so they can pay taxes.

What is an F-5 visa? Also referred to as a professional business visa, this one requires even more documentation than other visas. Not only do you need to show you are funded and qualified for study, but you also need to prove you have a job waiting for you when you arrive in America.

F-3 Visas are the most complicated of all. They require not only proof of education and employment, but it has to be in both a position requiring a degree and a position requiring no formal degree. Both positions must be under the same employer!

There is one additional stipulation with this visa: The employers hiring you cannot be from countries where English is not the main language.

Definition of F2 visa

f3 visa meaning

An F2 visa is for individuals who will be traveling as part of their job. They are not obligated to return home after a set amount of time, so this type of visa is more lenient than the tourist visa.

Most employers require an F2 visa for their employees because it is too difficult to track where they are every minute of every day. This includes staying at hotels while waiting for appointments, going out for drinks with friends afterwards, and even returning home late due to business.

Because of this, there is no way for your employer to know if you’re giving our best effort in your position or not unless he/she is watching you constantly through video recordings and interviews. This is why most large companies can’t risk letting an employee go without having proof that they didn’t give good service before.

There is also no requirement that these individuals must live in a specific area either. Since they don’t have to stay anywhere particular, many people use this opportunity to travel. It helps them re-orient themselves back into the work force and gives them something new to add to their life.

Definition of M1 visa

f3 visa meaning

An M1 non-immigrant visa is known as the “Visitor for Business” or VISA. This type of tourist visa allows you to enter America for a short amount of time (up to one year) to conduct business. You must have proof that your business will make enough money during this time frame, otherwise it could be a waste of money!

You should also know what kind of business visitor you are. If you are coming in for an educational conference, then that is definitely not considered business activity. It would therefore be another reason to deny entry into the country if officials determine you do not fit the definition of business traveler.

Business travelers typically use the same types of documents to prove their status. These include a passport, letter stating the purpose of travel, and proof of sufficient funds to stay at a hotel while traveling.

Definition of M2 visa

f3 visa meaning

An M2 (or Visit for Business) visa is given to individuals who will be traveling for business. The duration of this visa is typically one year, with some exceptions. Some people may need an M2 longer than a year depending on their job.

Individuals must have at least $1,500 in spending money while they are on the trip. This can include food, transportation, and other daily expenses.

They also cannot work during their stay on an M2 visa. If you’re a professional working from home, this could pose a problem since you would not have an office where you can work. You might be able to do part time work, but only for limited hours per day or week.

There is no limit to how long you can remain on the M2 visa if your employment does not require you to spend more than 30 days outside of America. But it is best to make sure your residence holds its own status as non-immigrant until well after your departure.

Definition of P1 visa

A business traveler is someone who travels for professional reasons. The term “business traveler” typically refers to individuals with full time, stable employment positions that can afford them living expenses while traveling.

Business travelers are usually paid for their travel costs (airfare, hotel rooms, meals) via expense vouchers or through monthly salaries that include such fees.

Because these individuals have constant income sources, they do not need a visa to enter into Canada as they will be paying for your meal or lodging once you get here!

A non-visa type entry permit for Canadians is the F2 visitor visa which does not require proof of health insurance but only one month's stay in Canada. This visa is great if you are visiting for a short period of time, like two weeks. However, most people use this visa when they are travelling for longer than one month since it is more cost effective.

Definition of P2 visa

f3 visa meaning

A second entry visa is referred to as a ‘P’ visa. They are typically categorized into business, tourism, or education related visas. The most common type of P visa is for Business Travel.

Business travelers can apply for a non-immigrant work visa known as the E1/E2 visa. This visa allows for up to two years of stay in the country and does not require you to live in a hotel while in the U.S.

You must have at least one full time employee that will be working under your company name during their stay in America. You cannot hire an individual while on this visa so make sure to do some research before signing any contract agreements.

This article will go more in depth about these visas but first let us discuss what kind of businesses can use a VISA.

Definition of U visa

f3 visa meaning

A United States (US) employment-based immigrant or non-immigrant visa is called a U or F visas. There are two main types of US Visas: Employment Visas and Student Visas. An employee working in the US can apply for an E2 work visa, which allows them to live and work here while their employer arranges formal documents such as a job offer letter and proof of adequate funding to support themselves while living in America. Students may qualify for a student VISA if they will be attending school in the US. This visa type requires that students prove that they have enough money to fully fund their studies and survive both during academic times and when they return home at the end of the semester/searcher year.

The second part of this article will discuss what kind of additional documentation must be present to prove eligibility for each visa classification. Make sure to look out for these classes: H-1B, L-1A, B-1B2, TN, OVIs, etc.

Definition of B1 visa

f3 visa meaning

A Business Traveler (B-1) visa allows you to visit for one business trip or for an indefinite amount of time. You must have at least two months prepared money designated as travel expenses, and you cannot work while on this visa.

The B-1 visa is only good for ninety days in any twelve month period. Beyond that, you will need another type of visa. If your stay is longer than ninety days every thirty days requires you to apply for an extension. More information about extensions can be found here.

If you overstay your visa by more than twenty eight days you could face serious consequences including deportation. Make sure to check out our article about how to remain in Canada legally after visiting.

Definition of B2 visa

f3 visa meaning

A business traveler or tourist can apply for what is called a B-2 visitor visa. This type of visa allows you to visit for two months, with one week guaranteed at any location. Beyond that, your stay in the country must be for shorter than three months.

If you have a valid passport and you are traveling for less than two weeks, then most countries will issue you with a B-1 visa instead. These types of visas do not require you to register as a foreign student while here. They also do not require proof of an intended return home after your trip.

B-2 visa holders are typically engaged in some sort of professional work while they are in the country. Most notably, this includes visiting a doctor or dentist on behalf of their employer. Others may be conducting interviews for potential positions within the company they represent.

Be aware that if you overstay your visa by more than two month…well, let’s just say there are consequences.