After Visa Interview How Long To Hear Back

By Tiara

Many employers have you apply for a job via their online application process or through their staffing agency. Some even require you to visit them at their office before offering employment, which can be difficult if you are currently employed somewhere!

In some cases, it is just not possible to make an interview unless there is someone watching your child for the day so they can go into work, or because of time constraints (the employer has to get up early for something). Or maybe the employer will simply not show up without a reason!

That is why it is important to know how long you should expect to wait after applying for a position before receiving confirmation that you got it. The length of time varies from employer to employer, and depends on many different things- this article will talk about what ones matter for student caregivers.

We will also look at some ways to help you stay motivated while waiting for your call back.

They’re not calling you back for a visa

after visa interview how long to hear back

If you have received a call or email about an interview at your destination, they’re probably not offering you a job yet.

Most employers will invite their top candidates via phone screening first before bringing them in for a face-to-face meeting. This is so the interviewer can get a sense of whether this candidate is a good fit for the position.

By that same token, it also gives them time to prepare for the meeting!

After the initial phone screen, people usually get notified around one week later if there's no response from the employee.

They’re not calling you back right away

after visa interview how long to hear back

Although most employers will tell you that they make their decisions within 24 hours, this is definitely not the case for every position! Even if your phone interview has gone well and you have a feeling good about your chance of being offered employment, you may be waiting another day or two before learning whether you got the job.

In fact, according as reported by LinkedIn, only 36% of professionals say they get called in less than one day after an interview. The average time frame was around three days (36%)- which means it can easily take more than a week!

This seems like a very long time, but remember that there are often several stages to each process. During these stages, employees typically are left idle while things happen. Only once all the steps are complete does someone notify you if you made the cut or not.

So what do you actually do with yourself during this period? There are many different options. Some people begin looking for their next job, whereas others keep themselves busy at home.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t stress out! That would probably not help your situation any. We could also suggest staying in touch with friends and family, but we assume that already looks like it took up too much time.

Overall, try to stay calm and focused. And always dress professionally – even outside of work! Yours health and mental state matter just as much as how you present yourself at work.

They’re thinking about it

after visa interview how long to hear back

If you haven’t heard back from them within one week, don’t worry!

That doesn’t mean they rejected you, but sometimes employers take longer than expected to make their decision.

It can be hard to remember what happened after an interview if you're busy afterwards- especially since most companies now ask if you have any questions before you are escorted out.

So try not to get frustrated or stressed out, because chances are your application hasn't been cut off just yet.

They’re definitely thinking about it

after visa interview how long to hear back

If you have received a call or email for an interview, they're definitely considering your application! The next step is usually receiving either a phone or in-person interview depending on if you are already employed at the company.

Companies want to make sure that whoever you will be working with has enough of a rapport with you so that you can trust them, and they also want to know if you'll be able to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.

After the interview, they will let you know whether or not you got the job! Sometimes, even though you didn't get the job, you were still given feedback as to why you did not make the cut. This can help you determine what areas you need to work on to better match their culture and style.

They’re returning your call

after visa interview how long to hear back

It is totally normal to feel nervous or stressed out after an interview, even if you are not given a job offer at that time. That is completely natural!

Many employers have interviews with several candidates per position. This can make it difficult for them to give each candidate their personal attention due to the time constraints.

They may also need to discuss next steps (for example, interviewing more people for the position, offering employment to someone else, etc.).

This is especially true in financial services jobs where there is always another person waiting for their turn to be interviewed.

By this stage of the process, most companies will send around a final invite for a phone screen with the hiring manager and team. This is usually within one week of being rejected by the initial interviewer.

A phone screen is a less formal way to check out the potential hire. More often than not, these conversations focus more on what things they like about you as a person and whether you fit into the company culture.

It is very common to get feedback from the conversation that you seem like you belong here, you enjoy talking about the industry, and you show interest in the position.

They’re returning your call soon

after visa interview how long to hear back

It is totally normal for employers to be busy during the hiring process, even after you have received a job offer! Companies are in constant motion with meetings, phone calls, emails, and other commitments they have.

That includes keeping track of applications, interviews, and offers. And it takes time to match everyone’s schedules and find a good work-life balance.

So, what happens if you haven’t heard back from an employer within 48 hours?

There's nothing wrong with that, but make sure it isn't because they're looking for someone else.

Most employers take 24–48 hours to review a resume before calling or meeting you, so wait that long before assuming something.

They didn’t return your call right away

after visa interview how long to hear back

It is totally normal for employers to go several days or even weeks without returning your phone calls after an interview. Employers can run through their list of interviews as quickly as they like, and there’s no reason for them to make contact with you immediately.

This is especially true if the interviewer feels that he/she made the best possible impression during the interview process and therefore had little need to talk to you!

On top of this, some employers don’t mind taking their time when looking for someone new – they enjoy having conversations about things other than employment.

They didn’t return your call immediately

after visa interview how long to hear back

It is totally normal for employers to go through their interview candidates slowly, which is why it can be frustrating when you don’t hear back from them within 24 hours.

But even that is too quick these days!

Most companies now use the same software to screen applicants across various departments. This technology means they have to manually input something into this system for every applicant.

This includes things like work history, references, and extra documents or photos of yourself. Because of this, some time passes before these are actually entered into the system.

That’s why it can take up to two weeks for a lot of people to get their final “accept” or “reject” email. So if you haven’t heard anything after a few days, give yourself another day or two and then follow up via phone or in person.