10 Ways to Become Famous on Instagram FOR FREE

By Tiara Ogabang

Instead of paying, why not generate your own attention, get noticed, make money, and get an Instagram following without spending any money!

Each of these 10 free strategies to become famous on Instagram was developed by experts and have worked for them.

For each strategy, the ultimate goal is to get hundreds of followers and hundreds of engagements on your posts.

So take advantage of these strategies and become famous on Instagram for free!

1) Like other people’s Instagram photos

One of the best ways to become famous on Instagram is to get a follow on a powerful influencer’s Instagram feed. However, in the meantime let’s just work on getting as many people as you can to follow you.

You don’t need to like all of the posts of the account.

Instead, it’s about just liking 3 or so Instagram photos of theirs, and so that you show up in their feed and they can check out your profile.

Earning 1,000 likes and 1,000 engagements on these pictures is 1,000 views for you and your brand.

If you have more followers than the influencer, then you have more chances to get followers.

It’s very important to make sure your images are captivating and have a strong hook. That’s why you need to start by taking a photo of a great photo your clients/customers have taken.

2) Create a Stunning Instagram Story/Reel (Many are given)

Like a short magazine article with videos. So if you want to become famous on Instagram, create a powerful story about something you’ve always wanted to do or seen.

When you think of the easiest way to create a story on Instagram, think about your favorite person or things from your life.

Think of the coolest idea you can think of, and then create it in a few minutes.

“You’re never done learning.” – Bruce Lee

Once you’ve set your story apart from all the other posts on Instagram, you should encourage your followers to share it. That’s why you have to use Facebook ads.

They’ve got amazing targeting capabilities and can easily get you the necessary click-through rate (CTR).

3) Go daily

Sharing photos every day is one of the easiest ways to generate likes and engagements on Instagram.

Your photos will receive a lot more likes and engagements from everyone you want to follow on Instagram.

To get more likes on your photos, make sure you capture a great story that’s given to you by the audience. Make sure they feel that they’re a part of the story.

And don’t forget to see how people react to your photos.

4) Use creative filters

There’s no need to show off your creativity with all the fancy filters.

If you’ve got good photos of cool drinks and desserts, don’t be afraid to use those filters on Instagram.

That’s because it attracts attention to your main photo that’s more interesting.

Because your followers are already excited about the photo that comes before it, they’ll also see a water bottle on the image and want to like it.

5) Become a part of your target demographic

Become a part of your target demographic

Obviously, Instagram has a culture that’s geared to its target audience.

Whether you’re a health or wellness blogger, a lifestyle photographer, a cat lady, or anything else, your Instagram account is more than likely not going to be popular unless you meet a specific group of people who are looking for your content.

Being a part of this demographic means that your profile photo is exactly the right size and color and that you are photogenic.

6) Share your pictures with your existing network

In fact, being on Instagram isn’t going to kill your business. If anything, being on Instagram and sharing your content with other people you know will only prove to them that you have the talent and that you share their interests.

If you’re just a regular average Joe and you haven’t had any success yet, then these things will give you more confidence to stick with it.

7) Spread the message using hashtags

Spread the message using hashtags

Getting your followers interested in a topic by sharing relevant content and posting related hashtags is key to building a following.

You don’t have to get in front of everyone when you’re starting out — you just need to get your message out there in a way that will be a cool screenshot in a family’s photo album. Use this trick whenever you post a new photo on Instagram.

8) Promote your Instagram photos and videos with your email subscribers

Promote your Instagram photos and videos with your email subscribers

Find influencers on Instagram and get them to cover your topic. If you follow the naming convention of the site, write the contributor’s name in the bio in case you want to reply to them. Add them as a fan and upload a post with the url.

Have the newsletter sign up as your official account. Then, make sure to follow them and as a result, like their posts.

9) Be friendly and entertaining

Your followers should have a good time when you’re sharing images that are yours to share, photos that show a side of you that you’ve only hinted at before. If you’re a cleancut guy with a strong jawline, your photos are not going to appeal to those with slacker outfits.

Follow what the community is already interested in and make sure to add a personal touch to it.

10) Add images of your design work to your profile

Add images of your design work to your profile

Add images of your Photoshop or Illustrator work to your profile. This can be a lot of work, but if you really want people to like your photos, you have to put them out there. I’m not saying go overboard, but just consider adding a few screenshots of your artwork and you’ll be on the right path.


Instagram is changing quickly and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and think of all of the ways to stay famous on Instagram for free.

If you try any of these strategies, please contact us and share your success stories!