10 Tips for How to Get Your Clothing Brand Noticed

By Promo Panda Staff

How do you increase the visibility of your brand in the first place? Today we’re going to share with you ten ways to become noticed.

Before we begin, think about how you will make your brand stand out from the crowd. What do you stand for? What products or services do you offer? What are your niche markets? Think about these questions for a little while, and think about the ways that you could get your brand noticed by others.

It’s easy to get lost in the thought that getting noticed is all about attracting the attention of the media or getting the attention of a big brand, and getting written about in magazines and online. There is, however, the second side of it.

Knowing how to attract more customers is equally as important as knowing how to get the media’s attention.

#1. Expand your target market

Believe it or not, you can widen your audience to a larger market by expanding your target market. By doing this, you get a bigger audience, but this also makes your existing customers expand to a larger market as well. But be careful not to move too far away.

If they grow too large, your brand will lose its way. Take into consideration what your current customers would love to see or be a part of. Then, think about the audience that you think would be receptive to your ideas.

#2. Market your brand via live events

One of the fastest ways to reach out to your audience is via live events. For example, this month, they were doing a month-long flash sale where you could get a clothing brand's T-shirt for just $1.

They even added incentives for people to get the T-shirt. If you are on a smaller budget, you can do something like this in your local community with other clothing brands.

#3. Share content on social media

If you are trying to build your brand and reach out to your target market, it's a good idea to publish content on social media and then share it on your website. Share your content regularly to keep your audience engaged.

When you post content, try to do it consistently. You don't want to become lazy and post content once a month.

This way, your audience will always be excited to see new content.

#4. Collect email addresses and sign up for mailing lists

When you've launched your brand, you may not have your website up yet.

By creating a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a website, you can start collecting email addresses.

You can then begin using your website to send out messages, campaigns, and even products. The more people that sign up for your mailing list, the more likely it will be that you'll get them to come to your events. Once you get them there, it'll be much easier to convince them to purchase your product.

#5. Get your target market to love your product

Once you've collected some email addresses, you can try to get them to buy from your website.

Keep in mind that not everyone who signs up for your mailing list will make a purchase right away.

However, if you send them more emails, they will be more likely to purchase the product you've been promoting.

#6. Add your own personality to your brand

When people are connecting with your brand, you want to keep them connected to your brand.

One way to do this is to keep your audience engaged.

This could mean a website with a video, or even Instagram. You want to create posts that you can share on your website, but also on Instagram.

#7. Find your niche

Once you have your audience signed up, keep their attention by finding your niche.

Some clothing brands come with great products, but if you don't specialize in a certain area, people will forget about your brand.

#8. Don't forget to offer a warranty

One of the most important features a clothing brand can have is a warranty.

By offering a warranty, people will know that they are going to get their money's worth and it will encourage them to keep buying from you.

#9. Get some PR about your brand

Instead of just paying to promote your brand on Facebook and hoping for the best, why not take a more targeted approach? A good PR firm, like ours, will get you organic coverage in online magazines with high readerships.

What better way to promote your brand than to get real writers to feature your products on their blogs with high-engagement of readership? 

If you are interested in learning more about PR and the wonders of organically promoting your business, visit our website.

#10. Answer the questions your customers have

Remember that every single customer asks a question. And when they do, it is your job to answer them. It will let people know that you are listening to them and you understand their concerns.

Your brand's mission should include customer service. If you find that you have a solid customer base, this will be a lot easier to do. To have a successful customer service team, you'll want to create a FAQ section for your website, as well as social media channels.

Your brand's mission statement can also include your vision. You should create a vision and a mission statement that you can communicate to your target audience. If you are only thinking about selling the product, you may lose out on the opportunity to create a unique brand image that can make you stand out in the marketplace.