10 Signs You Will Become Famous

By Tiara Ogabang

Sometimes, fame comes organically...

Feel your social media start to blow up? Are people calling you trying to schedule interviews? You might be becoming famous.

In the age of the internet, it doesn't take much for a regular Joe or Jane to become superbly viral overnight.

Remember Rebbecca Black? Yeah, we bet you do. She went from a normal teenager to internationally recognizable in less than a month of releasing her quintessential 2010 "hit" (we don't know what else to call it) "Friday."

Black just so happened to appear in a music video that ended up getting over a hundred million views.

Fame is just something that happens totally organically, after all.


Well, kind of. But not really.

Most fame isn't organic

Before we touch on the top 10 signs that you'll become famous, we want to stress an important point:

Fame is actually almost never something that happens "organically." 

In the vast majority of cases, fame is something that is earned through careful calculation, planning, and execution.

Don't believe us?

We've helped promote some of the most famous musicians, influencers, filmmakers, and business people in the whole world.

Most of these accomplished individuals were already very successful by the time we started working with them.

And yet, despite their accomplishments and almost universal financial wealth, only a few of these professionals had real fame to their name.

We could go over why exactly that is or how exactly we take someone who's successful (or who is making a serious attempt to be) and help them become recognized for their weighty accomplishments. But that's probably saved for another article altogether.

Indeed, there are some telltale signs that you'll become famous

So without further ado, here's a list we've compiled of the top signs that we notice in people who ultimately become famous.

1. You land an agent

Here are some signs you are going to be famous: you hire an agent. Sometimes agents come out of the blue. For instance, your manager will tell you that she wants to send you to an agent. You take her seriously and begin to think about which agent to hire.

In the process, you will scan the industry on the web. At this point, you will discover that there are several agencies you can hire. The fact that there are more than one of them tells you that there is a great deal of demand for your services.

A good strategy to consider is hiring the agency that will give you the highest commission.

Finding the best agency will help you boost your career even more, as they will be in charge of getting you the best deals and projects in the industry. Thus, make sure you spend a considerable amount of time in finding an agent to maximize your potential.

2. You become a speaker

In recent times, there have been a number of things that have gone viral.

There is nothing wrong with that. The main point is that everything that went viral has value. While some services that went viral were nothing more than a good thing, the people who worked on them did more than simply a good job.

They made people go crazy! When the people that work for an agency are good at what they do, they will have the opportunity to speak in front of an audience. Now you have a chance to go from nobody to somebody. They will get you booked on TV, radio, and other venues. It is a big step but it is a big chance.

Being a speaker means you have a considerable amount of knowledge and influence over a certain topic or industry. Thus, when you’re invited to grace an event as a speaker, it’s a telltale sign that people are starting to recognize your talent, knowledge, and skills and that they want to hear from you and your experience.

3. More social media follows

The obvious way to become a household name in your industry is to become extremely visible and to acquire a huge following on social media.

Having a super successful career is important, but being very visible in your career is critical. Becoming known for your brand personality and style is also very important in being a recognized authority.

This can happen by being recognized in one of the most prominent positions in your industry and by getting hundreds of new fans daily. You may also have the potential for reaching millions of people through events, sponsorships and joint ventures.

Another way to increase your social media followers is to hire a social media marketer who knows the ins and outs of the different social media sites. They are the experts in this field, and their constant efforts to put you at the top will grow your career.

4. You get press coverage

You get press coverage

If you are not getting a job, chances are you are in an advertising or brand awareness company. When that happens, you are likely to be in contact with media people.

If you want to become famous, then you need to get some press coverage. This can come in different ways. You may be asked to write an article about an industry. Another way is if you get an invite to an industry event.

Of course, sometimes it may mean getting coverage in a magazine. Another reason why you will get press coverage is when you get a product that goes viral.

5. You get called a celebrity

I wrote about this phenomenon in another article. I will now share with you why you will get called a celebrity.

Many people believe that everyone can be famous, which is not true. However, there are people who have a certain amount of power and privilege.

If you have a strong brand, a unique perspective, and the ability to connect with people, then you are going to have a chance to be a celebrity. If you get into the work world, you may be given a title.

This title may be a simple one, like general manager or VP. Or you may be given a star of some sort, like the “face of” a company. Here is the important part: no one knows when you get to be a celebrity.

You can be an early pioneer. Or you could be the voice of the first company to win the Super Bowl. In either case, the people who are important know that you will play an important role. Here is why I call you a celebrity: you have a skill that others want to have.

6. You attract media coverage

You attract media coverage

The way you are going to get media coverage is by getting on TV, radio, or print media. This is the biggest step for most people because it is where the action is. It is at this point that you will see that fame is going to come your way. This is one of the reasons why I write so much about it.

7. You are contacted by a brand

You might receive a phone call from a big brand company that wants to hire you. At this point, you are going to see that things are changing.

When you have a big brand like Nike or Google calling you, they will want to help you. So while people have been trying to help you since you were born, you just may be the first person they decide to give a chance to.

8. You get a job offer

When you get a job offer, it means you are going to be someone who can make it happen. For example, someone from an agency will call you and offer you a job. The call will tell you that a major company needs a writer for an article.

You get paid for your writing and you will get another call in a couple of weeks. It is here that you can choose your path to fame. Do you want to write articles? Do you want to become a marketing expert? Do you want to get a job with Nike? The choice is yours.

9. Measuring your fame

At what point do you actually become famous? What is the measurement you have of this?

Below we are going to give tips for not only how to get famous but how to stay famous.

10. There are no guarantees

An increase in social media or media coverage doesn't mean that it will last. If you want it to last, however, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting famous.

Below we are going to give tips for not only how to get famous but how to stay famous:

Tip#1: Know the industry you want to get into

Know the industry you want to get into

Check out other industries. You will get a much better idea of what kind of fame you want. Talk about your desire to get on television. It is OK to say you want to be a star or that you want to be a columnist.

There is no shame in saying these things. People do what they want to do. Don’t take it personally. Your goal should be to make sure that you are not selfish. Do you want your actions to promote your self-interest?

Do you want people to say that you are a strong person? Start by knowing yourself. Understand who you are. At that point, you can start to make a plan.

Tip#2: Hire a brand professional and PR expert to control your social media and press presence

So, the obvious way to become a household name in your industry is to become extremely visible and to acquire a huge following on social media. Appearing in press is a way into this as well.

The easiest way to do both of these things is to hire a professional. Hiring a brand ambassador will help you get more social media views, clicks and likes.

Hiring a PR company, like Promo Panda, will help you get more appearances in online media.

Tip#3: Try and try again

To become known for brand personality, demonstrate your style and stay true to who you are and what you stand for. Do not be too afraid to experiment and try new things. Every moment is a chance for creativity and the creative mind is the key to your success.

Being in control of yourself, your attitude, and your emotions will be a constant source of power to keep your brand going in the direction you want it to go.

Thus, at this time, identify how you want to develop your personal branding and reach out to experts who can guide you in making your career boom. This investment might be quite expensive, but the returns are amazing, and you will be connected to many big brands and people in different industries.