10 Different Ways to Become Famous

By Tiara Ogabang

This article will explain 10 different ways to become famous and tips you can use to become famous in the age of the internet.

If you're willing to put a little effort into making the process fun for yourself, you can become famous in a matter of days. So, let's see the different ways to become famous.

First, we'll talk about the strategy behind getting famous on the internet.

Then we'll talk about 10 interesting ways to become famous and tips you can use.

It will provide you with in depth knowledge about how to become famous in the age of the internet.

So, let's dive right in!

1. Taking risks

You need to take risks and submit your writing/videos/content to the internet.

This is the first step to become famous and it allows you to provide and expand your exposure to potential readers. The most important thing is to decide who you want to give your writing to.

You can go to good blog sites, blogs with a big following or enter your writing into flash fiction contests. In addition to that, post any published writings online. Remember to add some self-references as well.

2. Advertising


Advertisements are not the fastest way to fame, however, they provide more exposure to your writings. How much depends on the amount of followers of that particular website.

Advertising is not the best form of becoming famous. The better bet would be using some more organic way of getting your name out, for example, public relations.

3. Public relations

Public relations is a subject that is not so popular in today's age, but if you have an actual big opportunity you are going to make it with it.

As the publicity can be used to promote your products, services, online shops etc.

It is an important topic that is getting much attention because of all the celebrities who have helped spread publicity all over the world.

4. By continuously inspiring others

By continuously inspiring others

Inspiration can come in so many forms. When you create a meme and post it on Twitter, people can't help but have an impact on your life. The best thing about social media is that people can not only look at the stuff you share but can also help make it.

One of the best things about people helping other people is the one that helps them will be helped. If you really want to be famous, help someone who is less famous and they can become famous themselves.

5. By interacting with a lot of people

Creating an audience is the same as interacting with people. By interacting with a lot of people, you can become a celebrity by reading their reactions and draw in those with similar interests.

This can be achieved in one of three ways: 1. Everyone likes you 2. Everyone has an opinion on you 3. People tell you they like you.

6. By creating your own content

By creating your own content

Creating your own content does not have to be a complicated task. Creating something good can be the best way to become famous.

Creating and distributing your own content are two forms of interacting with your audience. It takes very little to make a good post on any of the platforms so why not use these to create the content that you wish to create.

Keep a blog where you will post your creations and have a good support group to provide critique and give you good feedback.

7. By engaging with a large number of people who have a similar interest

By engaging with a large number of people with similar interests, you can reach a certain audience which can be used for promotion.

This can be achieved by sharing content on Facebook and Twitter, following people on Facebook, emailing them to ask for updates, or visiting the person's page.

8. By driving traffic to your website

It takes less than a minute to drive people to your website. It is a step you can take now or in the future to become a famous person.

If you want to become famous, you can use a tactic like giving away a free high-quality product to a specific group of people.

9. By sharing videos and pictures of you

This technique is not that new. It was commonly known as the group shots when most of the social media platforms were under development.

Instead of focusing on how much your own body resembles a mythical creature, focus on all your strengths.

Creating an amazing photo of yourself on any of the social media platforms and sharing it with followers is a great way to do that. Every time you post it, it will increase your followers and visibility.

10. By creating virtual reality worlds

Virtual reality is the next generation in internet marketing. On the advent of this new medium, big corporations like Facebook and Google are now creating virtual worlds. I'm pretty sure there is a huge community with a large following who are looking to get in on the new digital marketing trend.

Make this topic a part of your social media strategy, and you can hit the jackpot. If you can see what real life looks like inside the virtual world, you can become a famous person, a mogul or just a nerd.